How to Recognize When Channeled Materials are from Negative Entities


Identifying When Negative Entities Are the Source of Channeled Materials

Welcome to my free online book explaining how to know when a negative entity is masquerading as a positive entity in channeled materials. For a basis of understanding; evil, satanic, and dark are words that can be interchanged with the word negative. My book is primarily about the actions and agendas of negative entities from the planes of existence beyond Earth, called densities. My book does mention discarnate entities (ghosts), however, if you're looking for information along the lines of how to deal with a malevolent ghost, there are numerous websites that cover this topic more thoroughly.

For those of you who would like some quick guidelines, and perhaps don't have the time or inclination to read an entire book, I’ve compiled a list on the bottom of this page of the most common telltale signs that indicate when a negative entity is the actual “source” of channeled material in either audible or printed form and some of the dangers these negatives pose to human beings on Earth.

Although this book covers the subject of negative entities in depth, readers will also find answers to the purpose and meaning of human life and significant facts about what constitutes "true spirituality." True spirituality is the term I've come up with to describe how God and its hierarchy actually work and operate, the actual "system and order of all things spiritual," which is quite different than what is being told to Earth's population by the established religions currently on Earth.

I never set out in search of negative entities, but in my lifetime search as somewhat of a spiritual scientist searching for spiritual truth, I couldn't avoid running into negative entities and their handiwork as I sought the truth about spirituality. Before discovering the negatives and their antics, I believed that all aliens who visit us or interact with us through channeling, came in peace and wish all humankind well -- but that just wasn't the truth that I discovered.

I learned that there are actually some extra-terrestrials, along with some of the Earth's dead in between incarnations, who are totally dedicated to what we commonly call evil. Love, compassion and forgiveness never appeal to these negative entities whatsoever. Power, conquering, and enslavement are what these negative types choose instead.

I learned that God is all about love and light and never has been about judgment and retribution! Judgment and retribution aren't from God, but instead are successful lies that have been put out by negative entities for centuries! Negatives have never wanted humankind to have an accurate and true picture of God and have done an amazing job of distorting and manipulating humankind's understanding of God through numerous organized religions. Some entire religions were actually intentionally set up by negative entities centuries ago to cause problems on the Earth in present times! Many other religions were infiltrated by the negatives to reduce their effectiveness and distort humankind's knowledge of the truth about God.

I’m now in my late 60’s, and reside in the Tampa Bay area of Florida with my significant other. I’ve been seeking spiritual truth since the early 1970s. If you take the time to read my free book, that is located on this website in its entirety, it will give you many of the details of how I was guided by Spirit through a series of experiences that led me to figure out who and what are negative entities, and what their goals are. The title of my book is, Are You Seeking the Light or Just Dancing With the Dark? My book has had this title since I wrote the first edition of it in 1999. It has been on the internet free of charge since the year 2000, and it is my gift to humankind.

I want to acknowledge that the book titled The Law of One (available at served as the primary catalyst that enabled me to understand how negative entities operate, and more importantly, why they’re interested in human beings here on Earth. Carla Rueckert, who has been channeling since 1974, and is probably America’s most knowledgeable and experienced channel, brought this most significant material to humankind in 1981. She did so by going into a trance and channeling the Confederation entity Ra for each of the channeling sessions. With the assistance of the late Don Elkins and Carla’s husband, Jim McCarty, the three of them brought in The Law of One material over the space of almost three years in 104 separate channeling sessions.

Some of the major points contained within The Law of One materials, and I’m paraphrasing here, are that God is pure love and pure light and nothing like the vengeful God that many religions on Earth portray. Every living thing is interconnected and part of God, and all human beings and living things are one, thus harming another living thing, in reality, is to harm one’s self. The main point of humans incarnating over and over again on Earth is for the individual, over time, to eventually choose a polarity of serving self or serving others as they learn the lessons to be learned while in this plane of existence. Here is the entity Ra's words when asked to describe the Law of One: "You are every thing, every being, every emotion, every event, every situation. You are unity. You are infinity. You are love/light, light/love. You are. This is the Law of One."

The Law of One material also talks about a law that humankind calls the Law of Free Will that requires a little explanation in regards to how negative and positive entities react to this Universal law. 

Positive entities from beyond Earth always obey the Law of Free Will, without exceptions, and aren’t allowed to communicate with someone attempting to channel, unless specific conditions are met first. The would-be channeler, along with an equally dedicated supporting group, would all need to be very strong in service-to-others polarity, and all of them would have to be totally united in their seeking to be able to make contact with a positive entity. The calling or seeking to make contact with a positive entity must be very strong and consistent for the group to have any chance at making contact with a positive entity. Even when all of those conditions are met, and a connection to a positive entity is made, the questions then posed to the positive entity must be of a nature so as not to disrupt anybody’s incarnation process here on Earth even to the slightest degree. In short, positive entities follow the Law of Free Will and go out of their way as not to disturb, let alone influence, the incarnational process of the population of Earth.

Negative entities never choose to obey this Law of Free Will, and because they don’t obey the Law of Free Will, they usually will come to an individual channel with very little seeking involved on the part of that channeler. In other words, a single individual can make contact with a negative entity without any other individuals present supporting their efforts at making that contact. This is just the opposite of the strong seeking, usually with group support, that is required to make contact with a positive entity. Once contact is made, the negative entity will willingly give that channeler very specific information with no concern regarding how that information may affect the incarnations of those here on Earth. However, with that specific information will also come half-truths, misinformation and lies whenever it suits the negative entity’s purposes and agendas. Negative entities always serve their selfish evil agendas above everything else, and could care less about violating the Law of Free Will.

I urge all people everywhere who are seeking genuine spiritual truth to read at least the first book of The Law of One material and to use this free website of while doing so. Reader feedback through the years has told me that reading my book first makes the Law of One material easier for most readers to understand.

Naturally, everything on this website is my opinion....

  • Positive entities, per The Law of One material, will never violate your free will by guiding you directly and solving the problems that you were intended to solve on your own. Because of this, whenever a book or website asks you to ask for a particular "spirit guide" by name, to help guide or assist you, that's a sure sign the source is a negative entity. It's important to point out that the book or website might contain thousands of helpful words about love, relationships, using the law of attraction, or things such as community building. However, if somewhere in that book or website it asks or advises you to contact your "guide," look out, the material is from negative entities and they always wish you harm, without any exceptions! Naturally, a person can benefit from any material that resonates with them, as long as they recognize the "source" and remember that negative entities will gladly supply good information at times, but that they always have an agenda.

  • If a book or website tells you that there is no such thing as evil, or that evil exists only in the minds of humankind, or that nothing negative exists in all the heavens, you have just encountered the most common lie from negative entities. All through time, the Dark have been very successful with this lie and there are countless spiritual seekers, and even entire religions, that have been taken in with this huge successful lie saying that they don't even exist at all.

  • When any channeled material makes a prediction about an upcoming event, especially an Earth changing event, this is a guaranteed sign that the "source" of the material is from negative entities. Positive entities, per The Law of One material, are never allowed to violate your free will by telling you about future events that will take place here on Earth. 

  • This one ties directly into the previous one. If anything you read or see on a website makes you feel fear, it isn't coming from positive entities! Fear is the main trademark or calling card of negative entities; materials from positive entities are always love based, and will never invoke a fear response from you.

  • This next one is a bit surprising to most people. When a channeled negative entity claims that it comes from the light, it isn't telling a lie! The Law of One material informs us that ALL entities come from the light, or God, but the important point here is that negative entities follow a negative service-to-self path towards God, which isn't serving God, whereas positive entities always are in service-to-others as they seek the positive path, which is in service to God. Channeled negatives love to use this "half-truth" and will invariably make the claim that they are from the light, which is always true. The important detail is that negative entities don't "serve" the light, or God, and are always in service to self.

  • If you are channeling an entity, and doing so by yourself without the assistance of a supporting group of equally dedicated positive spiritual seekers, the odds are overwhelming you're actually talking to a negative entity posing as a positive entity. Per The Law of One material, a very strong calling (also known as seeking) must occur for a positive entity to be allowed to come to an individual here on Earth due to the Law of Free Will. I've never encountered an individual, without a strong supporting group, who ever channeled a positive entity on their own. I have come across numerous individuals, who channeled on their own, that were totally fooled by the words of wisdom and love that came from the negative entity that was the true source of their channeling.

  • Tied directly into the one above, anyone using a Ouija board, or doing what is known as "auto writing," is always going to bring a negative, instead of a positive entity, to themselves. Ouija board use and auto-writing attract negative entities every time because of another situation, which is a lack of a sufficient "challenge" to the entity coming through. I explain this challenge procedure within the book, as it is too difficult to do adequately here in this list. 

  • Beware of books and websites claiming to bring a message from Jesus, Mary, an archangel or the like. This is a sure-fired tip-off that the source is negative. 

  • If you do get around to reading The Law of One material, you will find that the entity Ra, when talking to the three individuals who channeled it, never uses a demeaning or condescending tone of voice in communicating with them. Positive entities always use a respectful and humble tone in their channeled materials without any exceptions that I've ever witnessed. I've found that negative entities often just can't resist getting a "dig" into the material they're trying to pass off as coming from positive entities, and many times through the years, I've been able to spot their "dig" before I spotted the other signs that the material was from a negative source. An example of a dig, when talking about Earth, might sound something like this: "Your little planet Earth." A positive entity would never use the adjective little in that previous sentence.

  • Over the years, I've come to identify certain key words that have automatically alerted me that the source is coming from a negative entity. I've frequently found that negative entities masquerading as positive entities will often claim to be from a federation of some kind. The most notable of these being the alleged Galactic Federation of the Light. I write alleged, because I believe this so called "federation" to be negative entities posing as positive entities. The positive entity Ra, who is the source of The Law of One material, belongs to the Confederation of stars and planets in service to the Infinite Creator, or as Ra simplifies it, the Confederation. For over 20 years now, I've encountered so many things that were channeled from negative entities with the name federation in them that I've come to automatically associate the word federation with negative entities. I feel the identical same way about the words Galactic and Ashtar for the very same reason.

  • I've also found that materials channeled from entities whose names seemingly are designed to sound to humans as alien sounding, are from the negatives too. A book from Tryon of Startius would raise my suspicions immediately. I just made those two names up, but hopefully, you get the idea. I've also found that whenever channeled material allegedly has its source as coming from a name that is, or sounds like, one of the constellations in our own Milky Way Galaxy, such as Orion, Pleides, Cassiopeia etc., it has been my discernment experience that the material has always been from a negative source.

  • Another word that I associate with the negatives is the word ascension. I've learned to do so whenever I find the word ascension being used in conjunction with this phrase: Ascension into 5th dimension. The easy tip off here is that this planet is ascending into 4th density, not a 5th "dimension." The word has been innocently substituted frequently by many Wanderers for the word harvest that Ra refers to in the Law of One. So, the word ascension, depending on how and where it is used, can indicate that a negative entity is involved. You will have to read my book on this one, as space doesn't allow for me to adequately explain it here.

  • Most of us in our daily communications with our friends will give them feedback or gut feelings on important issues. When one of us gets a psychic flash while talking with a friend, and we share this thought with that friend, what we are doing is accessing our higher selves. This is perfectly normal and legitimate, and most of us do it frequently. However, if we go to a psychic who isn't just listening to their higher-self, and instead is channeling a negative entity, the misinformation we will eventually be told can actually kill us if we aren't cautious. If a psychic says, even once, "He said, she said, it said, they said" this is a sure sign that the psychic is channeling a negative entity. Accurate information that is being told to you by a psychic channeling a negative entity will always violate your "free will" and is designed by the negative entity to gain your confidence in the psychic. Please understand that nobody here on Earth, without exception, is ever going to get the answers to their life's problems from a psychic, that they must experience life for themselves. I've also found that the majority of psychics that are channeling a negative entity do not realize they are channeling a negative entity, let alone realize the potential harm that this poses to both themselves and the person receiving the "reading."

  • In my book I go into detail about negative entities and related topics, but here is one bit of information that I'd like to share with you now. If one wants to keep negative entities, at all levels of evolvement, at a safe distance, use this guaranteed method: send out unconditional love to all entities everywhere! Think unconditional loving thoughts as you send out and radiate love to all entities everywhere on a regular basis. Notice the word unconditional... it's key here, since if you send a negative entity love to get rid of it, it won't work! The love must be without strings, and pure from the heart, and then it always works. Love to any level of negative entity is like kryptonite to Superman.

I hope this list was helpful to you and if you would like to learn more, please read my free book.

A friend of mine who I refer to on my Suggested Resources page, Thomas Vazhakunnathu, recently wrote an incredible book, currently in ebook form, titled, God Does Not Roll Dice. Thomas is a spiritual scientist who has explained the Creator and the meaning of life and evolution better than I've previously seen it done before. I had the honor and privilege of writing a foreword for this book that is currently available on, and most major online bookstores. It is a must read for any serious spiritual seeker!

If you need to contact me, please contact me at All emails should have "are you seeking the light" in their subject line so that I don't accidentally delete them. Thanks