How to Recognize When Channeled Materials are from Negative Entities

When Channels or Psychics are Fooled by Dark or Negative Entities This Harms Individuals and Often Entire Religions

Are You Seeking the Light or Just Dancing With the Dark is a totally free online book that explains how negative entities from the planes of existence beyond Earth have purposely been distorting humankind's understanding as to what God actually is and isn't, while inserting half-truths and lies into virtually all of the world's major religions. These negative entities have been doing this non-stop ever since each of the Earth's religions were formed around the globe. The results of negative entities having "influenced" the actual choice of words that were placed into, other times omitted from, and frequently intentionally written to be misinterpreted at some future date in some of the writings of the world's major religious texts and records in centuries past, are now showing up today in the chaos and destruction we're currently witnessing in the Middle East! For example, today we have the followers of some religions carrying out savage murderous acts against their fellow human beings, all because they mistakenly believe they are following God's wishes.

Through over four decades of religious and spiritual research I discovered that God is completely about love and forgiveness and that any religion or system of spirituality that teaches or is based upon fear or guilt just isn't coming from that one and only true God! I came to this conclusion and understanding through many different paths, but the most compelling evidence of all was contained within the channeled messages from positive-polarity, higher-intelligence extraterrestrial beings who have been communicating with human beings for well over the past half-century through a process called channeling.

These positive-polarity higher-intelligence beings, through channeled writings, very clearly state that the fear and guilt based religions presently on Earth were intentionally set up and or infiltrated by negative entities, in some cases centuries ago, in order to cause the present day conflicts and chaos we are witnessing in many places around the globe! These negative entities have a never-ending agenda to distort the truth about God's love and that the last thing this loving God would ever want is one human being harming another human being!

The words evil, satanic, and Dark can all be interchanged and substituted freely with the words negative or negative entity on this website, since they are all essentially one and the same!

For those of you who need or just want some quick guidelines on how to spot the workings of a negative entity and don't have the time or inclination to read an entire book, I'VE COMPILED A LIST AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE THAT YOU CAN SKIP TO. This list contains the most common telltale signs that indicate when a negative entity is the actual "source" of channeled material in either audible, printed, or auto-written form, and most of the dangers these negatives pose to human beings. One more bit of information before I proceed further. Although discarnate entities (ghosts) are talked about in several places within my book, if you're looking for information along the lines of how to deal with a malevolent ghost, there are other websites that cover this topic more in depth than I do.

Since it's so very important that you, the reader, have at least a basic understanding about what channeling is, allow me to give you some essential information about channeling in case you're not familiar with it. It's the process of receiving messages from what we normally call extraterrestrial beings, spirits, or entities whereby a human being is the medium or channel for such an entity. On numerous occasions in my past, I've personally witnessed several different channelers (also called instruments) go into a self-induced trance, and then have an entity that they are channeling completely take over their entire body and mind. The channeled entity is now looking through the channeler's eyes and speaking through the channeler's mouth. The entity being channeled was then easily able to communicate one-on-one with an individual such as myself, or with two-dozen people seated before it, and never forgot a single word spoken, and by whom or where or when! This entity being channeled demonstrated to those present at these channeled sessions that it could instantly and readily read the thoughts of anyone in the room, or tell them what they had for breakfast that morning, or anything else that was in their past history, and always do this with 100% accuracy! In all these situations where I witnessed channeling of this nature, in my opinion, the entity coming through the channeler was a negative entity posing as a positive entity!

What I've yet to witness in person, is a person who can channel a positive entity, while either in a trance or a conscious state of mind. There are some people in our world today that are able to channel positive entities, but it has been my experience that these people are very rare. The reason these people are rare is because the standards that exist in our Universe that allow communication with a positive entity, or one could also say positive-polarity spirit guide, are far more difficult to obtain than channeling a negative-polarity entity. This is due directly to Universal laws of free will that clearly dictate that no information coming from a positive entity will ever be allowed to interfere with the free will choices of any human being alive on Earth today. This concept of free will above all other things will make sense and become clearer to you as you read further. There's another form of channeling that is called "automatic writing." This is a form of channeling where the person is not consciously writing something, but yet words are being formed by a pen or on a keyboard given to this individual, from a source outside themselves. I also studied and observed approximately two dozen psychics and discovered that the overwhelming majority of them were relying on channeled negative-polarity entities for their "psychic abilities". And if you're wondering, yes, even using an Ouija board is definitely a form of channeling that is designed to attract negative entities.

So, what are some of the reasons why is it so important to know and be able to discern, whether the entity that is being channeled is positive or negative?

It becomes tremendously important to know whether the source of channeled materials is positive or negative when you realize that channeling, in one form or another, has been involved or used through the ages, in the majority of known religions on Earth! Put another way, many early religious leaders, and even some present ones, are still being fooled and misled by negative entities posing as positive entities! Through the many early religious leaders being misled, negative entities managed to completely change major beliefs in some religions, and religious documents and artifacts in others.

Why all this effort on the part of negatives to distort the truth about God and how things set up by God actually work? It's because this Earth is essentially a "soul-testing ground" where souls make multiple choices within multiple lifetimes, to eventually choose a polarity to serve others or serve their self. It's also been expressed as a competition between good and evil for the souls on Earth, and this is most definitely going on daily all around us, and always has been.

Channeled negative entities posing as positive spirit guides don't just purposely distort what God is and isn't, within religions, they also constantly and relentlessly are attempting to harm and ruin the lives of people who are spiritual seekers through channeled materials, while fooling and often harming others through psychic readings, whenever the opportunities present themselves. Over the decades while I was in the process of figuring these things out, I went to approximately two dozen psychics. I found one, and perhaps two psychics, that were truly gifted and listening to their own higher selves only, and not relying on channeling an entity outside of themselves for their "answers" they were passing on to their clients. Because the one or two that were actually listening to their own higher self (a name for the natural inner guidance all humans possess) they really couldn't tell me anything I already didn't know, and were essentially just confirming things I already knew. Actually our close friends and family do this same thing for all of us on a regular basis, for free! For example, ever try to fool yourself about something that really wasn't in your best interest, and a close friend, relative or peer, nagged you until you woke up and recognized what you were doing? No human being on Earth is ever going to get their problems solved by going to psychics; they must make their own free will choices for themselves.

The greatest majority of these psychics that I went to who were channeling these negative entities were totally clueless that they were channeling a negative, whose real agenda was to harm their clients and possibly themselves, even if this took decades of time to accomplish. I actually went to a few psychics that knew they were channeling a negative, and since they were of negative polarity themselves, they could care less who they were channeling, as long as the cash money kept rolling in.

It's important for me to point out that at no point in my life did I ever set out in search of negative entities; they were the very last thing I expected, hoped or wanted to find! However, in my lifetime search, as somewhat of a spiritual scientist always seeking the truth about God, I couldn't avoid running into negative entities and their tricks and lies. Before stumbling across the negatives and their antics, I believed that all extra terrestrials (yes, we commonly call them aliens) who have visited Earth, or who interacted with us through channeling, came in peace and wished all humankind well -- but that just wasn't the truth that I kept discovering!

I started my serious spiritual searching in the early 70's, but it wasn't until about 20 years later in the early 90's that I made a major break through. I was led to pick up a book, that once I read it, transformed my life and acted as a catalyst unlocking the answers to many major questions I'd been searching a lifetime for. This book, channeled from positive-polarity entities, called the Law of One (available at enabled me to understand how negative entities operate, and more importantly, why they're interested in human beings here on Earth in the first place. The late Carla Rueckert, who had been channeling since 1974, and was probably America's most knowledgeable and experienced channel, brought this most significant material to humankind in 1981. She did so by going into a non-planned, totally spontaneous trance, and then proceeded to channel an entity calling itself Ra. This entity Ra spoke as one voice representing approximately 27 million souls who are billions of years in evolution beyond us in what it referred to as a sixth density socio-memory complex.

With the assistance of the late Don Elkins and Carla's husband, Jim McCarty, the three of them, with Carla being the "instrument" or channeler, brought in The Law of One material over the space of almost three years in 106 separate channeling sessions. Because of the profound material Carla started channeling, Don and Jim started taping each channeling session, and to be absolutely sure that Carla, the channeler, wasn't affecting the material coming through her, kept the first dozen or so of channeled recordings from her! In other words, she had no idea what she was bringing in from this entity calling itself Ra.

One glance at the profound and highly informative information from Ra I believe will convince any reasonably intelligent person that there is no way a human being could have created or faked the deep and complicated subject matter and information contained within it. In my humble opinion, it was and remains to this day as the most significant material ever received from higher intelligent beings! After around forty-five plus years of seeking spiritual truth within my lifetime, I am absolutely certain that Carla was one of the very few people in the past half-century, who was truly capable of reaching positive-polarity entities when channeling.

Carla's husband, Jim McCarty, recently gave us some great insight on how she was able to make contact with these positive-polarity entities, that other channelers find so difficult to do, in a blog written on September 4, 2015. Jim had this to say about how he and Carla went about channeling, and I need to mention first that Jim also has been a channel in the past. "Tuning and challenging, then, are central concerns in preparing to serve as a vocal channel. Tuning can begin with daily meditation, of any kind we prefer, and then with the balancing of the energy or chakra system. The last thing we do as vocal channels before accepting a contact is to move into the state of consciousness from which we are accustomed to doing this work, and when we have a contact, to challenge that contact. In order to challenge spirits, we must know what we stand for, who we are, whose we are, what higher principle we serve." He goes on to say, "Carla began channeling in 1974, and within a couple of years she had determined that these two components of the channeling process were necessary in order to receive the highest and most positive contact that one could hold in a stable fashion. She had a gift for channeling and an equal gift for originating these two procedures to be sure that she had who she thought she had on the line. She also determined that it was best not to ask fear based questions or transient questions during the session, or the contact would become detuned and lost. Most channels and groups over the years have failed to be so scrupulous in their practices, and have had their contact polluted by negatively oriented entities in their later years. Failing to be careful in these procedures is just like moving the dial on your radio and getting a different station than you thought you had."

Carla Rueckert graduated this Earth plane on April 1, 2015 and no amount of words I could ever write here could ever convey my utmost respect and love that I will always feel whenever I think about this beautiful soul who lived her entire life dedicated to "service-to-others." If you're interested in getting to know more about the Law of One material, besides going to their website of, you can also learn a ton of things about Carla and the Law of One material through videos by going to YouTube and typing in, "Carla Rueckert" to do a search of videos done by her and about her. My favorite, and I think the most useful, is a video that is titled, Carla Rueckert and the Law of One-Interview with Denise Wilbanks. This video was published to YouTube on 10-26-13 and is one hour and fifty minutes long.

Some of the major points contained within The Law of One materials, and I'm paraphrasing a bit here, is that God is pure love and pure light and nothing at all like the vengeful God that so many religions on Earth continue to portray. Every living thing is interconnected and part of God, who Ra refers to as the, Infinite Creator, and all human beings and all other living things upon this planet and in the Universe are all one! God literally is in all of us! Every living thing, every human being living upon this Earth is your brother and sister, and part of God, and therefore part of us, too! Thus, according to Ra, harming another living thing, in reality, is to harm one's self!

Again, according to Ra, there is no heaven and there is no hell, but there is indeed a "system" put in place by God. In this system, souls are created by God to experience itself, with God not being an individual entity but instead, pure love energy. These newly created souls learn, grow and evolve up through higher and higher planes of existence, known as densities, over eons of time, to eventually return to and become one with that God (pure love energy) that created them. Although there are many people on Earth who would perhaps think otherwise, this "system" created by God is always without exception totally fair and unbiased, and of course timeless. Again Ra's words, "All is one, and that one is love/light, light/love, the Infinite Creator."

The main point of humans incarnating over and over again on Earth is for the individual, over the time required to live hundreds of incarnations, to eventually choose a polarity of serving self or serving others (yes, you could say choosing good versus evil) as they go about learning the lessons to be learned while in this plane of existence, all the while balancing Karma incurred from past incarnations. Here are the entity Ra's words when asked to describe the Law of One: "You are every thing, every being, every emotion, every event, every situation. You are unity. You are infinity. You are love/light, light/love. You are. This is the Law of One."

The more that one reads and studies the Law of One material, (there are five books in all, although I consider the first book by far the most significant and helpful) one begins to understand that there is absolutely no separation whatsoever between all living things, and there certainly isn't any separation between males and females (other than raw physical strength), nationalities, ethnic groups, or religions whatsoever in the eyes of God upon this Earth. Therefore, if the Law of One material is accurate and the truth, any religion on Earth still presently treating females as unequal or lesser than males, may want to examine it's early beginnings for the tell tale signs of negative entity influences as to how males ended up being made out to be superior to females to begin with. Since the Law of One material states that all is one, and that all human beings are totally equal, it would appear that negative entities somehow managed to distort or infiltrate some of these religions, since some of them are still not treating women as equals even in today's world. Ra is pretty specific about all living things being "one" and this certainly doesn't leave any wiggle room, at least according to Ra, for a society, religion or any sort of group to treat women different than men, besides of course, the obvious physical differences -- such as the average physical strength of the two sexes.

I'm now in my 70's, and am fortunate to reside out in the quiet countryside on the west coast of Florida with my significant other. We lead a very blessed and simple life appreciating nature and all of God's wonderful critters, and don't miss the city life. Okay, that's a few basic facts about me, now back to the book. If you take the time to read my free book, located on this website in its entirety, it will give you the complete story of how I was led, guided, and at times actually coerced by Spirit through a series of experiences and numerous coincidences that led me to figure out who and what are negative entities, and what "true spirituality," which is my own term, is really all about. The title of my book is, Are You Seeking the Light or Just Dancing With the Dark? and it has had this title since I wrote the first edition of it in the summer-fall of 1999. It has been on the internet free of charge since the year 2000, and it is my gift to humankind.

From time to time, as I'm led by Spirit, I will occasionally update portions of this front page and other parts of my book, but the most important information on this website is always, and has been essentially the same, and remains as such. It is now the spring of 2015, and I've made changes through out the book to help clarify some things, some of which was prompted by questions and comments I've received from readers from many nations around the globe, and of course to address some of the events occurring on Earth in present times.

The Law of One material explains that the Infinite Creator, who we call God, set up the Law of Free Will as the first and foremost of all laws. Everything, and I do mean everything, is based upon this law. Allow me to explain a little about how positive and negative entities react and treat this Law of Free Will. For it is here that we see the stark contrasts between positive and negative entities. Positive entities (yes, they can be called spirit guides if you prefer) from beyond Earth always obey the Law of Free Will, without any exceptions. The Law of Free Will dictates that even positive-polarity spirit guides aren't allowed to communicate with someone here on Earth attempting to channel them or communicate with them, unless specific conditions are met first. The Law of One material states that a human being can only be given information that they are seeking in direct proportion to their degree of seeking the information! In other words the more an individual truly desires to know something, which we could say is the degree of the individual's actual seeking, and if the information is in the highest and best interest of the person doing the seeking, then a positive entity is allowed to make contact and share very limited information with an individual on Earth. The information must be very limited so as not to interrupt or influence the present incarnations of anybody presently living on Earth.

I used the term “soul testing ground” earlier and that pretty much describes how things actually work spiritually on Earth.  For instance, because of the Law of Free Will, both positive and negative intelligent beings from planes above us (yes, commonly called aliens) are allowed to be seen by us in our skies so as to provoke our imaginations and answer questions of do they exist for those with a burning desire to know that truth, but you won’t find a UFO landing on the White House lawn anytime soon.  The reason for this is the same reason we don’t get their radio/TV or other signals that they broadcast that would confirm that they definitely exist out there in space -- it’s because our planet is quarantined so that all the souls living here on Earth can make choices based upon their own free will, and grow and evolve, undisturbed. Let’s face it; if a UFO landed some place very conspicuous, such as the White House front lawn, some humans would want to worship these aliens instantly as Gods, while at the same time, other humans would be lined up on tall bridges and buildings to jump to their deaths out of fear.

So, because of the Law of Free Will, if a channel or a psychic tries to channel a positive entity by themselves -- from my experience it isn’t going to happen because the level of seeking is never enough.   I’ve found it takes a very strong positive polarity in service-to-others group of several individuals, and all of them would have to be totally united in their seeking level, to be able to make any contact with a positive entity.  Even when all of those conditions are met, and a connection to a positive entity is made, the questions then posed to that positive entity must always be of a nature so as not to disrupt any individual’s incarnation process here on Earth, even to the slightest degree. In short, positive entities always follow the Law of Free Will and go out of their way as not to disturb, let alone influence in the slightest, the incarnation process of the population of Earth.

Negative entities (yes, even though they’re negatives, one still can call them spirit guides too) never choose to obey this Law of Free Will, and because they don’t obey the Law of Free Will, they usually will come to an individual channel or psychic with very little seeking involved on the part of that individual! In other words, a single individual can make contact with a negative entity without any other individuals present supporting their efforts at making that contact. This is just the opposite of the strong seeking, with group support, which is required to make contact with a positive entity. If contact is made, the negative entity will willingly give that channeler or psychic specific and occasionally accurate information, with no concern regarding how that information may harm or affect the incarnations of individuals here on Earth. However, with that specific information three will always come half-truths, misinformation and lies whenever it suits the negative entity’s purposes and agendas. Negative entities always serve their selfish evil agendas above everything else, and could care less about violating the Law of Free Will.

The Dark, a term I prefer to use to describe all levels of negative entities, have one constant agenda and that is to recruit souls into their system of service-to-self from the Earth’s population, and they will lie, misrepresent the truth, use half-truths or any other method they can, to achieve this goal.  Their greatest and most successful lie of all, put over on humanity to this day, is that they don’t even exist at all anywhere in any form, except as a part of the human personality!   Over the years I’ve observed first hand, that when a psychic or channel realizes they have been used or fooled by negative entities, sometimes they’re quite eager to tell other people what they’ve discovered. On at least three separate occasions over the years, I’ve witnessed how negative entities found a way to do away with these individuals, and made it look like a normal death or an accident! 

At this point I’d like to point out that the Law of One material does tell us that all human beings have several positive spirit guides who assist them at key points in their incarnation, however, because of the Law of Free Will, these guides are limited in their interactions with us on this Earth plane, until or unless we give them permission to get more involved in our lives than what was agreed upon prior to our present incarnation.  For instance your guides are allowed to wake you up when you fall asleep at the wheel of your car before you crash, but those same guides aren’t allowed to guide many other aspects of your life, that would make your life much easier, happier and more productive, unless you give them “permission.”  Giving this permission it turns out is an absolute life changer in any human being’s life, and it’s simple to do!  It works every time and it has transformed my life and the life of every individual who has ever tried this, and perhaps the best part of all, is that it works every time regardless of an individual’s religious or spiritual beliefs, providing they believe in a higher power!  It matters not how the individual perceives this higher power, which most people on Earth refer to as God.  While using this simple prayer, don’t be concerned regarding the exact wording, for it is the intent and sincerity that this prayer is said with that acts as the triggering agent to allow your guides to guide you more directly and effectively than you can do so by yourself.  Here is the prayer:  Dear God, guide my every thought, action and deed every day to what is in my highest and greatest interest, thank you.

I’ve found that if people stick with this simple prayer, that usually within one to three months they start subtly noticing that things in their lives are somehow going smoother and simpler. Many of their problems and challenges in their lives seem to drop away or somehow diminish, and other things just seem to fall into place with ease. Within a year or two of saying this prayer, you will find your self being transformed into a kinder, gentler, more compassionate, and much happier person than you have ever been in your past.  Remember, the exact wording isn’t all that important; it’s the intent and total sincerity from your heart that makes it work!  It doesn’t seem to matter whether you say this prayer once a day or once a week; it will transform your life for the better.  In fact, it is my firm belief that if the majority of human beings on Earth, regardless of their present religious or spiritual beliefs, were to start saying this prayer from their hearts, the world would be at total peace, well within a decade’s time.  This prayer is simply that powerful in its abilities to transform lives for the better.

I urge all people everywhere who are seeking genuine spiritual truth to read at least the first book of The Law of One material.  No, you're not likely to find it anything close to being an "easy read," but anyone with average intelligence, and a strong desire to know the truth, will find the material resonating with them.  If you read the Law of One material, there is a free website at that is an index and cross reference that will help you immensely in undestanding the Law of One materials.  When on this site, read "synopsis" and "unusual words" and since Ra used some words differently than we on Earth commonly do, this will make things clearer for you.

My reader feedback through the years has told me that reading my book first, before trying to understand the Law of One material, usually makes that material much easier for most readers to comprehend because I paraphrase much of the information contained in the Law of One material within my own book. One last note, in many places within my book I use the word, “Spirit,” it is a term I use for God and its hierarchy of angels and spirit guides that I learned from my dear friend and teacher, Joyce in the spirit world, to whom this book is dedicated, and to whom I am eternally grateful to. 

Naturally, everything on this website is my opinion.  
  • Positive entities, per The Law of One material, will never violate your free will by guiding you directly and solving the problems that you were intended to solve on your own. Because of this, whenever a book or website asks you to ask for a particular "spirit guide" by name, to help guide or assist you, that's a sure sign the source is a negative entity. It's important to point out that the book or website might contain thousands of helpful words about love, relationships, using the law of attraction, or things such as community building. However, if somewhere in that book or website it asks or advises you to contact your "guide," look out, the material is from negative entities and they always wish you harm, without any exceptions! Naturally, a person can benefit from any material that resonates with them, as long as they recognize the "source" and remember that negative entities will gladly supply good information at times, but that they always have an agenda.
  • If a book or website tells you that there is no such thing as evil, or that evil exists only in the minds of humankind, or that nothing negative exists in all the heavens, you have just encountered the most common lie from negative entities. All through time, the Dark have been very successful with this lie and there are countless spiritual seekers, and even entire religions, that have been taken in with this huge successful lie saying that they don't even exist at all.
  • When any channeled material makes a prediction about an upcoming event, especially an Earth changing event, this is a guaranteed sign that the "source" of the material is from negative entities. Positive entities, per The Law of One material, are never allowed to violate your free will by telling you about specific future events that will take place here on Earth. 
  • This one ties directly into the previous one. If anything you read or see on a website makes you feel fear, it isn't coming from positive entities! Fear is the main trademark or calling card of negative entities; materials from positive entities are always love based, and will never invoke a fear response from you.
  • This next one is a bit surprising to most people. When a channeled negative entity claims that it comes from the light, it isn't telling a lie! The Law of One material informs us that ALL entities come from the light, or God, but the important point here is that negative entities follow a negative service-to-self path towards God, which isn't serving God, whereas positive entities always are in service-to-others as they seek the positive path, which is in service to God. Channeled negatives love to use this "half-truth" and will invariably make the claim that they are from the light, which is always true. The important detail is that negative entities don't "serve" the light, or God, and are always in service to self.
  • If you are channeling an entity, and doing so by yourself without the assistance of a supporting group of equally dedicated positive spiritual seekers, the odds are overwhelming you're actually talking to a negative entity posing as a positive entity. Per The Law of One material, a very strong calling (also known as seeking) must occur for a positive entity to be allowed to come to an individual here on Earth due to the Law of Free Will. I've never encountered an individual, without a strong supporting group, who ever channeled a positive entity on their own. I have come across numerous individuals, who channeled on their own, that were totally fooled by the words of wisdom and love that came from the negative entity that was the true source of their channeling.
  • Tied directly into the one above, anyone using a Ouija board, or doing what is known as "auto writing," is always going to bring a negative, instead of a positive entity, to themselves. Ouija board use and auto-writing attract negative entities every time because of another situation, which is a lack of a sufficient "challenge" to the entity coming through. I explain this challenge procedure within the book, as it is too difficult to do adequately here in this list. 
  • Beware of books and websites claiming to bring a message from Jesus, Mary, an archangel or the like. This is a sure-fired tip-off that the source is negative. 
  • If you do get around to reading The Law of One material, you will find that the entity Ra, when talking to the three individuals who channeled it, never uses a demeaning or condescending tone of voice in communicating with them. Positive entities always use a respectful and humble tone in their channeled materials without any exceptions that I've ever witnessed. I've found that negative entities often just can't resist getting a "dig" into the material they're trying to pass off as coming from positive entities, and many times through the years, I've been able to spot their "dig" before I spotted the other signs that the material was from a negative source. An example of a dig, when talking about Earth, might sound something like this: "Your little planet Earth." A positive entity would never use the adjective little in that previous sentence.
  • Over the years, I've come to identify certain key words that have automatically alerted me that the source is coming from a negative entity. I've frequently found that negative entities masquerading as positive entities will often claim to be from a federation of some kind. The most notable of these being the alleged Galactic Federation of the Light. I write alleged, because I believe this so called "federation" to be negative entities posing as positive entities. The positive entity Ra, who is the source of The Law of One material, belongs to the Confederation of stars and planets in service to the Infinite Creator, or as Ra simplifies it, the Confederation. For over 20 years now, I've encountered so many things that were channeled from negative entities with the name federation in them that I've come to automatically associate the word federation with negative entities. I feel the identical same way about the words Galactic and Ashtar for the very same reason.
  • I've also found that materials channeled from entities whose names seemingly are designed to sound to humans as alien sounding, are from the negatives too. A book from Tryon of Startius would raise my suspicions immediately. I just made those two names up, but hopefully, you get the idea. I've also found that whenever channeled material allegedly has its source as coming from a name that is, or sounds like, one of the constellations in our own Milky Way Galaxy, such as Orion, Pleides, Cassiopeia etc., it has been my discernment experience that the material has always been from a negative source.
  • Another word that I associate with the negatives is the word ascension. I've learned to do so whenever I find the word ascension being used in conjunction with this phrase: Ascension into 5th dimension. The easy tip off here is that this planet is ascending into 4th density, not a 5th "dimension." The word has been innocently substituted frequently by many Wanderers for the word harvest that Ra refers to in the Law of One. So, the word ascension, depending on how and where it is used, can indicate that a negative entity is involved. You will have to read my book on this one, as space doesn't allow for me to adequately explain it here.
  • Most of us in our daily communications with our friends will give them feedback or gut feelings on important issues. When one of us gets a psychic flash while talking with a friend, and we share this thought with that friend, what we are doing is accessing our higher selves. This is perfectly normal and legitimate, and most of us do it frequently. However, if we go to a psychic who isn't just listening to their higher-self, and instead is channeling a negative entity, the misinformation we will eventually be told can actually kill us if we aren't cautious. If a psychic says, even once, "He said, she said, it said, they said" this is a sure sign that the psychic is channeling a negative entity. Accurate information that is being told to you by a psychic channeling a negative entity will always violate your "free will" and is designed by the negative entity to gain your confidence in the psychic. Please understand that nobody here on Earth, without exception, is ever going to get the answers to their life's problems from a psychic, that they must experience life for themselves. I've also found that the majority of psychics that are channeling a negative entity do not realize they are channeling a negative entity, let alone realize the potential harm that this poses to both themselves and the person receiving the "reading."
  • In my book I go into detail about negative entities and related topics, but here is one bit of information that I'd like to share with you now. If one wants to keep negative entities, at all levels of evolvement, at a safe distance, use this guaranteed method: send out unconditional love to all entities everywhere! Think unconditional loving thoughts as you send out and radiate love to all entities everywhere on a regular basis. Notice the word unconditional... it's key here, since if you send a negative entity love to get rid of it, it won't work! The love must be without strings, and pure from the heart, and then it always works. Love to any level of negative entity is like kryptonite to Superman.

I hope this list was helpful to you and if you would like to learn more, please read my free book.