How to Recognize When Channeled Materials are from Negative Entities


I've spent decades of my life searching for spiritual truth, asking questions that many spiritual seekers have pondered: Why are we here on this planet? Is there intelligent life elsewhere in the Universe? If there are intelligent life forms elsewhere, are they friendly towards humans? How do some psychics and channels actually get their information that they pass on to others in readings? Why do the teachings of Jesus and Buddha stress love and forgiveness, while so many organized religions teach us, in varying degrees, to fear God? Through years of study, seeking, and meditation on my personal spiritual path, I found plausible answers to all these questions. What I wasn’t looking for, and didn’t expect or wanted to find, were negative entities!  Before discovering them, I always wanted to believe that all aliens who visit us come in peace and wish all humankind well, but unfortunately, that just wasn't the truth that I found.

I learned that there are actually some extra-terrestrials, along with some of the Earth’s dead in between incarnations, who are totally dedicated to what we commonly call evil. Love, compassion and forgiveness don’t appeal to these negative entities whatsoever. Power, conquering, and enslavement are what these negative types choose instead.

On the much brighter side, I did discover that God has always been about pure love and light and never ever was about judgment and retribution!  Judgment and retribution have never been from God, but instead are successful lies put out by negative entities for centuries!  The negatives have never wanted humankind to have an accurate and true picture of God and have done an amazing job of manipulating humankind's understanding of God through numerous organized religions.  Some religions were actually intentionally set up or infiltrated by the negatives to serve their evil agendas on Earth, and you're seeing the consequences of this happening on Earth presently!

Negative entities are always in service-to-self, and like all selfish beings, they see no wrong in lying whenever it suits their purposes. The negative’s most successful lie of all is that they don't exist anywhere in the universe, but only in the minds of humankind! Since the negatives have been so successful with this particular lie ever since biblical times, there are now countless psychics and channels in today’s times, that are totally unaware that they are channeling material from these negative entities, masquerading as positive entities.

I wrote the gist of the last few paragraphs in '99, when I first wrote this book. In the spring of 2007, I learned that two people I wrote about in '99, who were being fooled and used by the negatives, had recently died. One was a man, named Dan, who channeled an entity that I call FORM in this book and the other was a lady reverend, named Barbara, the leader of a local metaphysical church who once sent me life-saving healing energy over a telephone line when I needed an operation and had no insurance. Both of these individuals, who I knew and liked, died at a young age.

In addition to the two people I just mentioned, five years ago an acquaintance named Karen informed me about the sudden death of a friend of hers. Her friend, Ariel, 45, a former architect, died in a local head on car crash on October 6, 2007. Through Karen, I figured out that Ariel had been channeling a negative entity who was posing as Ariel’s "spirit guide." Karen had seen Ariel the day before she died and told me that she, as well as others, noticed that Ariel was acting very strangely, and was giving away all of her worldly possessions just hours before her death. All three of these individuals died at a young age, from deaths that appeared “normal.” What all of them shared in common was that they were channeling negative entities. A coincidence? I, for one, don't think so.

When a negative entity gains a channel or psychic's confidence they will assist that person in helping other spiritually seeking people with their problems. This assistance will always appear on the surface to benefit the individual being helped. The negatives often use people for years, even decades, before the true nature of their agenda shows itself. Negative entities are never short on patience. Since the negatives have gone to great lengths to mislead humankind, over centuries of time that they don’t even exist, the very last thing these negatives want is someone they’ve fooled writing a “tell-all” type book.

The great news, as well as the reality of things, is that no human being has to ever fear or feel discomfort from any negative entities. The power of love that Jesus, Buddha and others taught humankind is far stronger than any powers that the negatives possess. Love does conquer all, and is the armor that, when combined with faith, is impenetrable!  Let me expound on this because this is very important. 

I've been using the power, strength and protection of God through the unconditional love that flows from God, all the while exposing the tactics of the negatives for about 25 years now.  I'm pointing out that if a human being chooses love and service-to-others, with total and complete sincerity in their heart to the degree that this individual would die for their belief, this individual is then under the protection of positive entities at all times, and no real harm will come to them.  Why did I bold no real harm? 

I did so because the more a soul evolves in service-to-others and grows their love and light, the more attention that soul will attract from negative entities, so the negative entities being their nasty evil selves will certainly try to harm an individual whose light is starting to shine so to speak, but they are limited in what they can actually do to that soul whose clearly chosen a loving service-to-others path.  Oh, believe me, one should never disregard them, for they can and will become more than a nuisance in your life if given the slightest opportunity to do so.  However, in reality they're somewhat like the neighbor's vicious dog being restrained on a worn out leash; always presenting itself as a potential danger that should never be taken lightly!

Here in America, I command all uninvited entities away from my presence on a pretty much daily basis by using the name Jesus Christ to do so.  My actual prayer, and the exact wording isn't important as it is the meaning and feelings of intent that are behind the words that count, is this; "I command all uninvited entities to leave my presence in the name of Jesus Christ, thank you God"  If I lived on the Asian continent, I could achieve the exact same effect by invoking the power of Buddha, or another well known entity who was beyond any doubt in service-to-others.

It took many years of my own dancing with the Dark, and sometimes being fooled by the Dark (I use the word Dark here, and in the title of my book, as a broad term to cover all negative entities) to recognize who and what they are, how they work, and how they have worked through the ages. Trust me, there is never any shame in being fooled by the negatives, because I will tell you from first hand experiences, they are quite clever.

When I first started noticing the many tricks and antics of the negatives, I didn’t have an internet to go to, or for that matter, very many useful books already existing in print, available for me to read about them. I learned tons of things about the negatives by going to approximately two dozen psychics and channels in the Tampa Bay area over decades of time. I would tape each reading or channeler, and while doing so, I’d make a mental note when something didn’t sound right. Later on, I’d go back to the tape and listen to the segment over and over while taking written notes, until I figured out what my instincts had alerted to.

Many times I found myself being “led” to people, circumstances, and experiences that appeared at first glance to be a coincidence, only later to find out that it wasn’t merely a coincidence. Some of these coincidences that were occurring to me left me with no logical choice but to think about things that I normally wouldn’t think of! Let me make something very clear here, I never went at finding the answers about negative entities because studying them, and learning about them, appealed to me, or because I was fascinated with them. When one has things taken from their home and later returned mysteriously, it isn’t a warm and comfy feeling. I also had encounters with people that were very uncomfortable, one to this day that I wonder if the person was even a human being. That particular meeting tested my faith far beyond my existing comfort levels at the time, and to say that I was frightened during that meeting is an accurate statement. However, that particular experience also was the turning point that formed my unshakable faith in God, that served to give me the courage to continue on with wherever all this was leading me. When I came across The Law of One material, and read it, and re-read book one several times in order to really understand the material, I started to get the big picture about all that I’d been encountering and why.

I am not affiliated with any religion, nor do I belong to any church. My one and only goal in writing my book about negatives, and sharing it with those who are lead to it, is to provide those with the interest in knowing the truth about true spiritual truth, a way of discerning when they are being lied to and mislead by negative entities, and the consequences that usually arise from having been mislead by them.

I've been told by several people through the years, people who see auras, that I'm a very old soul. Regardless of how old a soul I may or may not be, I truly realize now and always will, that if indeed I am some kind of old soul, that it doesn't make me any better or greater than any other being on this Earth. Obviously, if one believes in reincarnation, every soul on Earth is destined to become an old soul sometime in their future. I, for one, only need to start counting the leaves on the trees of this planet to be reminded of how many souls have come before me, and how many will come after me. It’s always a humbling thought. Sometimes with age comes wisdom, if indeed that is what I have to offer within these pages, then I am humbly grateful for this opportunity to serve humankind.

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