How to Recognize When Channeled Materials are from Negative Entities

Suggested Resources

The Law of One: Book 1, also known as The Ra Material, by James Allen McCarty, Don Elkins and Carla Rueckert, is a book for which I have hopefully whetted your appetite. The website is and you will also want to visit their companion site,  As I mentioned in my book, The Law of One is very deep and somewhat difficult material for many people to understand, but there is a lot of help on the internet.  If you will go to you will find a searchable data base that is a tremendous asset for looking up what Ra had to say about specific topics contained in all the volumes of The Law of One.  When you go to this site, a suggestion.  Read the definitions under "synopsis" and also "unusual words."   Some of the words Ra used are a bit confusing until you get used to some of these words that can be found in these two places on that site.

Carla "graduated" out of this Earthly plane of existence on April 1, 2015, but before doing so she made and was interviewed for quite a few videos on YouTube. For some of you reading this, instead of trying to read and decipher the Law of One material, which for most people is usually a somewhat difficult task, one can also learn about it through videos on YouTube.  I recommend typing "Carla Rueckert" into YouTube's search box to bring up numerous videos about Carla and the Law of One material.  My favorite video is an interview of Carla done on 10-26-13 that is an hour and fifty minutes long and is titled, Carla Rueckert and the Law of One - Interview with Denise Wilbanks.

Carla's A Channeling Handbook can also be ordered from L/L Research. I can't emphasize enough the significance of this book for those who wish to channel. I also heartily recommend Carla's A Wanderer's Handbook, a must read for people who believe they are Wanderers and want to know what other Wanderers think and feel about a myriad of subjects.  If you think that you're a Wanderer, it is a very helpful book.

If you are trying to refer someone to my book that you have just read it may be helpful for you to know that besides its own URL address at, it is also on a link at  When you are on the site I highly recommend that you click on the "About Us" link at the TOP of the home page.  You will find a wonderful very detailed and informative narrative on the background of how the Law of One material came into existence by the three individuals who brought it to humankind.

One last important note about links that are on the site is this: You will find a message stating that you should use discernment if you go to the different websites that are linked on there. When I first had my book linked with Carla and Jim's site in 2000, I would have recommended all the other sites linked on there, I can't say and won't say that today in 2015.  Through the years, the people at Love and Light research have done the best they can to keep the links relevant and helpful to all, but in some cases the sheer volume of materials on some of these sites is just too much for them to accurately monitor, so I too say, use your discretion if you peruse some of these sites, for there are several on there that I would never recommend anybody seeking the truth to read.

From Elsewhere: Being ET in America, by Scott Mandelker, Ph.D., will be fascinating reading for those of you who know that you are from elsewhere, and feel less than comfortable on Earth at times. I also highly recommend his Universal Vision: Soul-Evolution and the Cosmic Plan. He is linked on and his personal site is

For years now, I've had the pleasure of communicating with a remarkable fellow spiritual scientist in India named Vazhakunnathu Abraham Thomas. He prefers to go by the name of Thomas. Thomas has founded the non-profit Spiritual Research Institute in India with his findings geared for everyone on Earth. Thomas has a great website with multi-language capability, located at, that contains numerous Universal truths and is well worth looking at. He recently wrote a book that is titled, God Doesn't Roll Dice that is due out in print form soon.  His book explains the nature and mechanism of life that includes the fundamental truths about the Creator, the process of creation and evolution, the spirit-mind-body connection, the inner constitution of the human being, the present evolutionary stage of human beings in a Cosmic reference frame and also how to live in harmony with Nature.  I'll keep you posted when his book is available.

People of the Lie, by M. Scott Peck, M.D., is simply the very best book on the subject of common (human) everyday evil. Like so many of the books that have impacted me, this book reached me via a unique path.

For those readers who wish to know more about malevolent discarnate entities (ghosts of negative polarity) and other similar topics, I would suggest doing an internet search. When you find a site that suggests that you should treat all ghosts in a loving and respectful manner, the information on that site is most likely valid and useable. However, a word of caution, even the good sites with truthful and helpful information about ghosts that I viewed were loaded with rip off things to sell to people.

I recommend the book Psychic Self-Defense by Dion Fortune, for individuals who choose to explore this topic in great detail.

My three favorite books about Edgar Cayce are There is a River, by Thomas Sugrue; Many Mansions, by Gina Cerminara; and Edgar Cayce: The Sleeping Prophet, by Jess Stearn. All three have something to offer.

If you can find a copy of The Lost Years of Jesus Revealed, be sure the author is Rev. Dr. Charles Francis Potter, as there is another book by the same title. I have read and looked at numerous books on the subjects that Potter covers and still find Dr. Potter's to among the very best, despite it being written quite a while ago.  Zealot by Reza Aslan is one of several modern-day books that also is a must read for people who want the truth about Jesus and his actual messages to humankind. 

Last, two of my all-time favorite books are Sand and Foam and The Prophet, by Kahlil Gibran. Gibran was a brilliant old soul whose words of wisdom are simply timeless.

May Spirit always guide your reading list, your spiritual journey and your seeking of the truth -- God bless you and Namaste to all!