How to Recognize When Channeled Materials are from Negative Entities

Peter died on February 26, 2016 of a heart attack at almost 71 years of age. He typed this out for me, his "significant other" to add to his book in the event of his death:

When I was alive I wrote in this online book that, "Some religions were actually intentionally set up or infiltrated by the negatives to better serve their agendas on Earth." When I was alive I wanted to tell the readers of my book all around the world, exactly what I was hinting at, but my knowingness always told me, "It is not time yet." (Dear readers, please realize that all things on Earth always take place in Spirit's time schedule, not ours!) I also realized on a conscious basis, that if I wrote the words you are about to read into my book when I was alive, I would have endangered my life and the lives of those close and dear to me, for surely a religious extremist would have killed me in the name of God.

What I always wanted to say but couldn't, was that Muhammad wasn't listening to the angel Gabriel, but instead, he was listening to a negative entity posing as an angel! The Quran, and the Islamic religion that sprang from it, were intentionally set up by negative entities, or call them the Dark if you wish, to intentionally cause the violence we see around the world today by its misguided followers. The words in the Quran were intentionally written to be misconstrued and twisted to cause the turmoil that they have.

No real God would ever advocate the killing of non-believers of that same God! Just hold a newborn baby in your arms or pet a cat or dog and feel genuine love; Do you really believe that a loving God, one who has given us the feelings of love when we hold a baby or pet a pet, is the kind of God that would advocate that we kill non-believers? The church that I hinted at that was infiltrated by the negatives was/is the Catholic Church. Stop and really think for a moment about the common denominator between the Catholic Church and the Islamic religion -- neither of them recognizes that females are equal to men! This issue about women is just one of the major tip offs of the Dark's presence in these two religions. Even the Christian religion has this problem with fundamentalists who to this day want their religion to be male dominated.

Let's use some common sense about women and religion. Let's take a rural village somewhere in the world, where the smartest child in the village is a young girl. Let's say for instance that this girl has always wanted to help and heal people, it is her natural nature. Would this village be better off sending a male, who is not as intelligent, and who also lacks an interest in medicine, away from that village to study medicine? No, of course not! It makes far greater common sense for the village to send the girl who is more intelligent to learn to be their doctor. Is there any aspect of being a doctor a woman can't do as well as a man? Again, the answer is no.

Now examine the Christian religion. Ask why the non fire and brimstone version of Jesus Christ, as told by his brother James was ignored, and instead Paul, who never even knew Jesus was listened to instead? The recent book, Zealot is just one of many books that prove this out. Study Paul and you will find that he too thought he was listening to an angel from God, but it too was no angel, but instead, a negative entity. Check out the Gnostic books of the bible that were omitted from the bible by individuals who were either negative in polarity or fooled by them. The same goes for why there is no mention of reincarnation in the Christian bible, the Dark's handiwork too! After all, if people knew that Karma and reincarnation were real, they might start actually realizing that the "Golden Rule," which is found in all religions in some kind of wording, but always meaning essentially, "Do unto others as you would have done unto you" is real, always has been, and is the real "system." Imagine if people knew for sure if they lied, cheated, stole and murdered their fellow beings, that this was in store for them too! People harming other people would diminish and eventually cease, if all of humankind realized that Karma is a real reality and that it is part of the "system."

Never lose sight of the fact that the main purpose of life on Earth is to choose between serving self or serving others, and that the Dark never have played fair throughout time, and never ever will, in the endless competition for souls.

God is all about love and forgiveness, with all beings (of course women too) being equal, and any religion that doesn't treat women as equals and is not based on love, simply isn't from God, but from negative entities instead!

Read my book, and let your conscience and higher self be your guide, and hopefully you will continue to seek the truth.

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Peter W. Newton


This Book is Dedicated To
Mary Joyce von Cappelen Kruse

I also want to thank Carla Lisbeth Rueckert, Jim McCarty, and the late Don Elkins for their pioneering efforts in bringing The Law of One material into existence.


"Peter Newton has written an excellent book, based on his considerable personal experience as a spiritual seeker that should be "must" reading for anyone who is experiencing resistance, difficulties, and psychic disturbances and greetings along the metaphysical journey's path. In clear language he elucidates how psychic greeting works and what to do about it. I recommend this book wholeheartedly."
—Carla Lisbeth Rueckert, A Channeling Handbook

"Ever wonder why some spiritual teachers rub you the wrong way? Why some New Age teachings seem really wrong? If you have, then Are You Seeking the Light or Just Dancing With the Dark? is for you! With honesty, candor, and maturity, Peter Newton reveals the cosmic forces of good and evil that affect New Age teachers and all ET channels. He explains the importance of discernment and listening to the inner voice – and gives us the tools to help evaluate the information that comes our way. I strongly recommend this book."
—Scott Mandelker, Ph.D., From Elsewhere: Being ET in America, Universal Vision: Soul Evolution and the Cosmic Plan