Chapter 10, Evil Exists Only in the Minds of Men?

If evil exists only in the minds of humankind as the negative entities would like to have us believe, and we as a people on Earth are gullible enough to believe this lie, then we are setting ourselves up for all manner of mayhem.

The most common place you will find this lie is in most channeled books. Walk into any metaphysical/New Age book store and you will find dozens of channeled works that contain this lie somewhere, often towards the back of the book. You will also find this lie in channeled books that can be found in nationwide chain stores and some metaphysical church bookstores. I'm not saying that every channeled book contains this lie, but an extremely high percentage does. In this chapter I will tell you how the negatives manage to get this and many other pieces of misinformation into print. Later, I will show the scenarios and effects of what happens when they are successful.

The Negative entities get this lie into books on a regular basis because well-intentioned, spiritually seeking people are misled into believing they are channeling a spirit guide or angel serving the Creator, when the real source is a negative entity.

The negatives often come to people when people are meditating with an offer to guide them. The negatives frequently tell these people that they are from the Light. As I stated earlier in the book, since the “Light” and God are accepted by all in the Universe as one and the same, then of course even the negatives are from this one God. The giant glaring half-truth with their lie is that they don't serve that Light or God!  Remember, God, which is pure love and light, allows total free will, and that means that God doesn't begin to stop the negatives from being their nasty self-serving selves. This play on words about being "from the Light" is one of their most common, and, unfortunately, successful tricks.

If you read a book or any other material that is channeled, and in this book it tells you that in order to connect to your guide you should do specific things, be very cautious. Some examples of specific things would be to ask for a certain specific named entity and sometimes at a specific time or place. To begin with, many channeled books don't mention anywhere in the book that they are even channeled! I have seen them published under all kinds of names, including Native American sounding names. When written material in a book directs you to meditate at a certain time of day, or tells you to ask for the name of a certain entity or guide, then you are about to dance with negative entities if you follow the advice. Remember, the negatives must get your permission, regardless of how slight that permission might be, in order to come to you. The law of free will doesn't allow any member of the Confederation (service-to-other beings of positive polarity such as Christ) to tell you in printed material to ask for them. A positive entity will never solicit you in any manner.

Another trick of the negatives is to provide specific information in books on how to raise your Kundalini energy, allegedly in order for a person to connect with their “higher-self.”  If you recall what I wrote earlier, every human being is automatically at birth connected to his or her higher-self and humans only have to choose to listen to that higher-self we all possess. Kundalini is an ancient Sanskrit word that essentially describes the coiled energy stored at the base of the human spine. Raising one's Kundalini energy is usually a process of breathing and mental concentration with the goal of raising and directing the body's energy through the seven Chakra energy points. It is also referred to as raising one’s consciousness.

I’ve discovered that the goal of the negatives in getting someone to raise his or her Kundalini energy, when he or she is not knowledgeable about spiritual discernment, is so that person can then be tricked into channeling a negative entity.

I once encountered a woman who read a channeled book written by individuals with Native American sounding names that was highly illustrated to show someone exactly how to raise their Kundalini energy.

The paperback book this woman read had lots of pages of detailed colored drawings in it that made raising one’s energy fairly easy to do. This woman followed the book's advice exactly and had no idea whatsoever that she was channeling a negative entity. With her consciousness raised she was then contacted (a voice coming to her within her own head) by a negative entity posing as her “spirit guide.” This negative posing as her spirit guide gained her confidence by assisting her with a fairly non-serious health problem and then went about solving all kinds of other problems she had in her life. (All violations of her free will, of course) This negative entity had her hooked and convinced that it was her spirit guide sent from God to assist her.

It was August of ’99 and I had just finished writing the first copy of this book and I thought that everything of importance had been covered in my book, and I felt good about that. I was wrong, there was to be an addition, something I’d never seen or heard of before: the woman I just mentioned who had been tricked into channeling a negative entity.

I was literally sitting at home on a Saturday night, eating dinner, when I kept getting the message in my head to get up and get dressed and go to a certain place in the Tampa Bay area because I was supposed to meet a woman. When I got this message, the very last thing I felt like doing was getting cleaned up and driving all the way out to this place on the beaches to meet someone. Now, you have to picture me sitting in my living room, exhausted from working on the book all day, grubby and tired and just wanting to sit there in my easy chair continuing to watch the pre-season NFL football game that I’d been watching on TV before I got that “message” from Spirit.

At first I did my utmost to ignore this message that kept coming into my head, but the message kept coming to me over and over with clarity. Since Spirit had twice in the past given me similar messages, although years earlier, to go to a particular place to meet a particular person, and both of these meetings turned out to be real and of significance, I gave in and got up and drove out to the beach.

The message turned out to be genuine and most assuredly came from Spirit. That evening I met a very attractive woman 19 years younger than myself. She and I were physically attracted to each other immediately and ended up dating for about a month despite our age difference. In retrospect, there was never any chance that a relationship between this woman and me was to endure for many reasons beyond the disparity in our ages. The entire purpose, at least to my understanding, was for me to learn how the negatives tricked her into channeling them so I could inform others of this tactic of theirs — a tactic I hadn't seen before. Of course, she also learned from me who and what she was actually channeling before it could possibly harm her. During that experience I also learned that Spirit can cause an attraction between two people for purposes that benefit both parties, and then can remove that attraction as fast as it was placed upon them.

I just discussed an unusual situation where a person was tricked into channeling, but the most common scenario is people attempting to channel by themselves without knowing the potential dangers from doing so. A person attempting to channel by themselves, with little or no discernment or challenging, based upon my past observations will always be contacted by negative discarnate entities (the earth's dead in-between incarnations) from the astral plane. These negative beings often pose as former relatives, spirit guides, angels and generally seem to enjoy messing with the minds of the living service-to-others souls here on Earth that they can fool. Occasionally, the person trying to channel can get rid of or see through these contacts, as many of them weren't that intelligent as live human beings on Earth to begin with. I don’t want to downplay the hazards of contact with a negative entity from the astral plane, but usually these third density negative types, in-between incarnations, aren’t malicious enough to try and cause the deaths of humans they encounter. Note I said “usually” because I mean exactly that — usually. Okay, let’s move on to the more dangerous negatives.

I’ve found that the negative entities from fourth and fifth density are without exception always malicious and are always seeking ways to harm, disrupt, and, if given the opportunity, find a way to snuff out the lives of every positive-polarity human they can.  With them it’s always about lessening the harvest of those souls on Earth who reach that 51% or greater amount of service-to-others threshold mark.  Put another way, the more evolved and enlightened a soul on Earth becomes, the more the negatives would like to do away with that soul. From their standpoint, every human who is far above 51% in their polarity poses a greater threat to the negatives because these evolved types are out in society every day influencing others to be more like them.

From my experiences over decades of time, I've found that it is just impossible for an individual here on Earth to contact a positive entity to channel by themselves alone. The reason is that positive entities can't violate free will and can't and won't come to an individual unless that individual is generating a tremendous amount of energy of seeking. In my experience it has always taken a group effort to bring in a positive entity. It is for this reason that I'd never advise an individual to ever try to channel on their own. The odds are overwhelming that they will pull in a negative entity of some sort. Besides, no positive entity is ever going to guide anyone here on earth by talking to them on a regular basis, because it violates the free will of the person contacted. Your lessons and Karma are for you to learn and figure out for yourself, and by going within and listening to your higher self you will be guided in this manner instead. When I wrote about buying items in stores where the totals added up to $22.22 and $11.11, this was an example of the kind of guidance that Spirit allows that doesn't violate our free will.

Another thing that throws people off into believing that they have made contact with a positive entity, when they haven't, is that fourth and fifth density negatives can and do send the very same identical warm-fuzzy love and even healing energy as a positive entity can! This is worth repeating. Imagine someone channeling by themselves and the negative entity that they’ve contacted sends them tremendous amounts of love energy that they can actually feel. Although as I discussed earlier, unconditional love energy sent to a negative will repulse it, ironically the negative entity from fourth and fifth density can also send love and or healing energy identical to what a positive entity can!  Energy, according to Ra, is totally universal in nature, and therefore available for both positive and negative entities to utilize.

I once attended a small metaphysical church in this area, where I witnessed the reverend channeling energy that she used on a regular basis in doing effective healings within her small congregation. I only went there for a couple of months. I sensed from the beginning that something about this reverend and her healings just didn't feel right. I came to the conclusion that although this reverend talked about service-to-others; she was in reality, quite selfish and self-serving. I once visited her at her home where it became obvious to me that she was into power-seeking, with little regard for where the power was coming from. It was the classic case of not walking one's talk. While attending her church, I needed an operation and was waiting for my medical insurance to kick in at a new job I held at the time. One day I was in a lot of pain at my job, and I called her from work. I had seen her do many healings at her church on Sundays. On that particular day, she sent me healing energy over the phone that was very real and immediate. I felt a warm sensation in the area that was painful, and an immediate reduction in pain that lasted for several weeks. She is the reverend named Barbara that I mentioned in the introduction who died quite young when she apparently figured out the actual source of where the energy was coming from that she had been using for years.

I have found that the negatives will gladly give out as much as 99-percent service-to-others, positive polarity lessons of truth on a variety of topics, just to get a few of their lies into a book or to someone channeling them. The negatives know that the channeler, and people who will read the channeled material, will resonate with that up to 99 percent truth. They use the 99-percent truth to slip in their lies like a smoke screen, so that they go unnoticed; their main lie always being that evil (obvious meaning: they) doesn't exist, except in the minds of humankind.

Recognizing a book that is channeled from a negative entity takes some effort, but is always doable. I've usually found that negative entities masquerading as positive entities will often claim to be from a federation of some kind, trying to sound like the Confederation, which are the good guys that Ra, who gave humankind The Law of One material, belongs to. For over 25 years now, I've encountered so many books that, in my opinion, were channeled from the negative entities with the name Federation in them, that I've come to automatically associate the word federation with negative entities. I feel the same way about the words Galactic and Ashtar for the very same reason. Again, in my opinion, I've also found that books channeled from entities whose names seemingly are designed to sound to we humans as alien sounding, are usually from the negatives, too. A book from Tryon of Startius would raise my suspicions immediately! I just made those two names up, but hopefully you get the idea. I've also found that whenever channeled material allegedly has its source as coming from a name that is, or sounds like, one of the constellations in our own Milky Way Galaxy, such as Orion, Pleides, Cassiopeia etc., it has been my discernment experience that the material has always been from a negative source. Let's put it this way, if we use the information contained within the Law of One material, that I read and understood in the early 90s, as what I consider to be the gold standard of truth and reliability when it comes to how things operate here on Earth, then I've never found any positive source material from a source with a constellation sounding name, yet. I would guess some of you reading this, who are not very familiar with The Law of One material, might be thinking and/or saying, "What about Ra?" If you research The Law of One material enough and its history, you will discover that the entity Ra never sought and didn't want its name used in a title. Ra preferred for the material to be referred to as The Law of One material instead.

It's been my experience that true positive sources of material, such as Ra, are always extremely humble and never show any discernible ego. I've also found that, generally, one of the easiest ways to spot a lot of the negative’s handiwork is that they just can't resist gloating and showing ego in their materials. Positive sources never do either. I’ve had many cases where I spotted the negative’s ego before I spotted their lies in channeled material. Please remember, you will never feel talked down to, belittled, or approached with less than total respect if the material is from a positive source.

Another word that I've found negative entities to use a lot in their channeled material, dating back to 1990 when I first noticed this, is the word "ascension." An interesting note here: the entity Ra, when channeled for almost three years by Carla Rueckert, never ever used the word ascension, but consistently, time after time, used the word "harvest" instead. It's important to point out that whenever negative entities use the word ascension they are encouraging spiritually seeking individuals to take some sort of an action, such as choosing to go aboard a UFO, in order to ascend into the 5th dimension. Notice the negatives refer to ascending into the fifth dimension, not fourth density that Ra talks about!  So, whenever you see the word "ascension" in something along with reference to ascending into fifth not fourth, and into a "dimension" instead of a density, in my opinion you're reading something originating from a negative source.

I also need to point out that in our present day society I've noticed that many well-meaning, very positive polarity Wanderers and other spiritual seekers have started using the word ascension instead of the word harvest as a form of slang. In addition, the word ascension can also be used to describe the process of all humankind growing, evolving, and reaching various stages of enlightenment. So, my advice would be to look and see how the word ascension is being used in order to discern the source.

A very common form of book channeled from negative entities is what I refer to as the gloom-and-doom type. These kinds of books will prophesize catastrophic events to take place on Earth. Any channeled book predicting anything is automatically from the negatives, because a positive entity would never violate your free will by doing any predicting!  Of course, when the prophesied event fails to take place, the author is embarrassed and usually feels foolish and this sometimes leads spiritually seeking people to stop their seeking. People just opening up to spirituality will sometimes read this kind of book and when nothing happens, be turned off and also not have any further interest in spiritual matters. One of the reasons for this is because they may have told their friends and relatives about a prophesied event that didn’t take place, and were tremendously embarrassed.  Doom and gloom books from the negatives are designed to cause fear, disappointment, and confusion.

Then there is the techno-mumbo-jumbo book that will attempt to tell you how things really are out there. Its purpose is to confuse you, or make you feel dumb for not really getting it, and sometimes to turn you off from spiritually seeking. One of the books of this type that I read was about the size of a Bible, white with gold lettering, that used biblical terms, and the whole book meant absolutely nothing!  I spent weeks in the early 90s reading this book, trying to "get it" before I realized what was going on.

I would also advise you to be very suspicious of any book that contains a "message" from Jesus or Mary, regardless of how many other messages of love are in the book. Speaking of love, that is one of the favorite subjects of negative entities because they know human beings will resonate with true statements about that subject. In my opinion, from having read all of The Law of One and other writings, I don't think the real Jesus or Mary is ever going to show up in a channeled book to humankind. Nevertheless, they keep appearing in numerous metaphysical books given to humankind by the negatives. These are some of the main kinds of books channeled from negative entities that I've encountered. Let me be blunt, I've come across very few channeled books that weren't from the negatives!

Next I’d like to talk about challenging a channeled entity.  If a group of positive-polarity entities are intent on trying to challenge a positive entity and they make contact with an entity, but are unsure of it’s polarity, they should challenge this entity.  This is done by requesting that the entity coming in through the channeler repeat very slowly and clearly three times, "Jesus Christ is Lord."  It is extremely important that the person doing the challenging be very strong willed in doing so. The challenging can be done by the channeler or someone in the immediate group, but the challenge must be done with strength and especially 100% faith or it won’t work!  If a weak or faithless challenge is done, the negative entity will stay and begin to lie to the channeler about itself.  Here in the western world, the words Jesus Christ are by far the most powerful, even though there were other masters who walked the Earth. A challenger could also use the names of past positive-polarity entities such as Buddha or Krishna if they lived in parts of the world where these two entities were known.  Please realize that the name being used to challenge a possible negative entity isn't important as long as the challenger views the name being used as a totally positive representative of God. 

Remember that there are some discarnate entities (third density humans in-between incarnations) who inhabit the invisible astral planes around our planet who can be very negative and who are a part of the negative community. These entities will usually leave very quickly if challenged properly. The negatives from fourth and fifth densities are night and day stronger and are always extremely clever. I'd also like to point out that I have seen books channeled from the negatives that offer "prayers of protection". If you look carefully at the wording you will see that these false "prayers of protection" may send the lower astral plane entities away, while being totally useless against the higher negatives!  They often contain words about protecting the user of the prayer from "unenlightened spirits."

If you choose to channel with the intention of getting the answers for yourself, you will always get the negatives coming through. If your channeling is intended to help or serve others, without a profit to yourself as your main motive, then you would have some slight chance at connecting with a positive entity, providing you have a very strong like-minded group behind you.

Whether you have read a book whose real source was from the negatives, or been the author who had negative entities come to you posing as a "guide" and wrote a book with their help, I want to say that it is very easy to be fooled by them. I danced with the negatives on numerous occasions trying to find the truth and know that dancing with them, being fooled by them, was a significant portion of my personal path. Had I not been fooled, I wouldn't have the knowledge or experiences or have had the interest to pursue writing this book. They will skirt or break the laws of free will at every opportunity, and they never ever play fair. If you have found yourself dancing with the negatives in the past, don't feel bad. You're not at all alone. I would advise you to chalk it up as a learning experience and then file it away. Don't flog yourself over it; many very bright people have been fooled by them, and unfortunately, many more will continue to be. One of the reasons that it is easy to be fooled by them is that many of us on Earth would like to believe that all extraterrestrials, who are in the planes above us, and have higher technology than we possess, are good guys. Unfortunately, that is just not the reality.

I have already described to you how the negative entity FORM had me fooled into believing I was listening to an entity serving God. This has been happening to humans for thousands of years. Ra answered only the questions put to it and never gave out the first bit of information on its own. In many cases, it denied information because it would violate someone's free will. Keep this in mind as you continue reading.

Ra was asked about the entity Moses and stated that Moses was a very positive (service-to-others) person, but that the negatives fooled Moses into bringing humankind the Ten Commandments in wording so that they ended up starting with "Thou shalt not." Ra stated, and I'm paraphrasing here, that "Thou shalt not" never came from God, and if the Ten Commandments had come from God, they would have been worded along the lines of, "It would be in your best interest to do these ten things." To phrase this more directly, according to Ra, the Ten Commandments didn't come from God! Spirit never gives commands to humankind, without exception according to Ra. Ra further states that both the New and Old Testaments of the bible, more so the old, were both heavily influenced by negative entities fooling people on Earth. In other words, even the writers of the Old and New Testaments of the Bible were often fooled into believing they were talking to God, when it was the negatives, posing as God, instead! The Ten Commandments contain some really great advice, but please recall that the first law that God set in motion was the Law of Free Will, so it is incongruent that this same God would give commandments to the human beings it created.

The best book on the subject of human evil that I have found is by M. Scott Peck, M.D.. In People of the Lie: The Hope of Healing Human Evil, Peck undertakes a comprehensive study of evil in all forms and he states, "There are quite popular systems of thought these days, such as Christian Science or A Course in Miracles, which define evil as unreality. It is a half-truth. The spirit of evil is one of unreality, but it itself is real. It really exists. To think otherwise is to be misled. Indeed, as several have commented, perhaps Satan's best deception is its general success in concealing its own reality from the human mind." (Touchstone Paperback Edition, 1983, p. 208)

I certainly do agree with Peck's comments, but since I haven't studied Christian Science at all, I won't comment about that particular religion. As for A Course in Miracles, I have studied it thoroughly and even attended Course meetings for about six months, and I totally agree with Peck's assessment, especially since the person who channeled the Course used auto writing, without using any discernment and no challenging, that I'm aware of, when she brought the course into existence. (Auto writing is where a channel's hands automatically write or type the message being sent to them by an entity who has entered that person's mind) I have a friend who has one of the original Course books and I read the author's account of how she used the auto writing channeling process to bring the book into existence. I've not yet seen a situation where auto writing was used without an effective challenge or effort at discernment, where it has produced material that has come from a positive polarity source.

I have many close friends in this area, whom I love dearly, who study the Course and are quite into it. For the most part, I have observed that because of the Course, these friends don't believe that evil exists outside the minds of humankind. I never argue with them and I'm certainly not here at this time in Earth's history to judge them or anyone else.

My purpose in writing this book is not to have everyone looking for Satan in every action of humankind, or to get into the morass of what exactly is evil. I am not interested in how Satan broke off from the Creator eons ago. I am totally convinced that evil is very real and exists in the Universe and not just in the minds of humankind. My main concern with evil is that spiritually seeking people know how to discern when they are dealing with it, wherever they find it.

Once again a reminder, I never intentionally or purposely set out to learn about the Dark, and when I discovered them and their tactics I was truly shocked. I apparently, not unlike the three people who were responsible for bringing the Law of One material to us, made some sort of agreement prior to incarnating to study and observe the Dark. I then was led to make my findings available for those individuals on Earth, who through their seeking of the truth, have and are continuing to be led to this book.