How to Recognize When Channeled Materials are from Negative Entities

Chapter 11, The Price of Dancing With Negative Entities

In order to show you what happens as a result of negative entities having success with their main lie — that they don't exist — and the many other lies that they often get into channeled books and other sources of information, it is necessary to share with you my observations and findings of how most psychics receive the “messages” they pass on to their clients.

Over many years time I've gone to approximately two dozen psychics in Florida, and in most cases went to a psychic usually two or more times and seldom just once.  I tape recorded each and every “reading” I received from all of these psychics with few exceptions.  Of these approximately two dozen or so psychics I went to, I believe that only one, perhaps two, were listening to their higher selves only when they gave me readings.  Every human being possesses ESP, or extra-sensory-perception to some extent and the one or two psychics that I went to, that I felt were reading their own higher selves, had the gift of having above average ESP than most people possess. 

Now the important part of all this is that even with the one or two genuine psychics who had the gift of above average ESP, the most I was able to get from these individuals was a confirmation of things that I had already figured out for myself.   The reality of human life is that our close friends and associates do this for all of us all the time, and they even do it for free.

If you have close friends, hopefully of both sexes, and often siblings, you will find that if they are truly your friend, and genuinely close to you, they will "read" for you on a regular basis.   They read for you in the sense that they often can confirm to you what you are already pondering and thinking.  If you are blessed with a friend who has above average ESP they can perhaps even suggest something that might be in your best interest to do, but ultimately, they can never make your decisions for you, or tell you with total certainty to take a particular course of action.

The second way our friends, and often our siblings “read” for us is that whenever we are taking a course of action that is not in our best interest, and we try to fool ourselves or be untrue to ourselves, often these friends and siblings will tell us, in whatever manner they feel will work the best for them to get our attention, that we are not being truthful with ourselves.  Sometimes they even hurt our feelings in doing this process, but if our egos are fairly well balanced, we usually reflect back sooner or later and thank them for their advice.  Of course their advice was in reality a free psychic reading performed by a friend, sibling or an associate.   

Let's now look at some of the aspects and characteristics of what a typical reading from a psychic, who is being fooled by negative entities, usually looks like.

Usually to start off with, the psychic would invariably tell me several things throughout the reading that they knew that I would want to hear, that they also knew would appeal to my ego.  Sprinkled into this reading would be a few statements of fact that had some degree of accuracy and truth in them, always intentionally designed to resonate with me, and to give the psychic “credibility” with me, so that I would trust the psychic’s ability.  Mixed into these questions that I’d ask, and that got answered with some degree of accuracy, was what I came to refer as the merry-go-round information, cleverly designed to cause me fear, worry, anxiety, and anticipated events that never somehow managed to occur. 

From what I observed, the information was being telepathically given to the majority of psychics I got readings from by negatives entities from the astral plane who because of being in the astral plane, have access to the Akashic Records. The Akashic Records, also called the Hall of Records or Universal Mind, are a source of information of all things that have ever happened, and all things most probable to happen in the future, that usually can only be accessed by entities who are beyond Earth’s veil, with very few exceptions.   Ra refers to this invisible barrier that keeps those of us upon Earth from having access to the Akashic Records and knowing our past and our probable futures as the “veil.” 

Edgar Cayce, a psychic who many consider America’s greatest true psychic, who did amazing healing readings for people he didn’t even know, was named in the Law of One material as the only human being in modern times to have ever accessed the Akashic while in human form living on Earth.

A third density negative soul residing in the astral plane in-between incarnations looking at the Akashic can literally tell you, or describe to you anything, and I do mean anything, that has ever happened in your past.  I once had a psychic tell me the exact words first used by an older cousin when she was faced with the difficult task of telling me as a child that my mother had died.   The specific information being “fed” to a psychic from a negative entity is designed to convince you that the psychic is accurate, and to impress you enough to hook you into coming back for future readings.

The huge tip-off that a psychic is listening to something other than him or herself is that they almost always will make mention of their source at some point during the reading.  It may occur only once during the reading, which is one of the reasons I always recorded the readings I received with few exceptions. A psychic channeling a negative entity as their source will usually say something along the lines of: “He said,” “She said,” “They said,” “Spirit said,” “Your guide said,” but if you listen carefully, it will usually be there.  If you ask the psychic whom they are referring to, as I always have, he or she will often tell you it's their guide or guides, or my guide or guides talking to them.  The obvious falsehood with this, is that, per The Law of One material, because of the Law of Free Will, our positive-polarity spirit guides absolutely never can assist a psychic in doing personal readings for people, without exception. 

The common way that a psychic gets hooked up to a fake guide usually happens along these lines: The psychic will have learned how to raise their consciousness in meditation, and when their consciousness is sufficiently high enough, an entity will come to the would be psychic, offering its assistance to “guide” them.  This "fake spirit guide" will usually tell the psychic that by letting it assist the psychic in their readings, the psychic will then be able to help people better than the psychic was able to do in the past by themselves. 

If the psychic has been exposed enough to books or classes of study that teach the lie that "evil exists only in the minds of men" and believes this lie, then a connection between the psychic and the negative entity is very easily made.

What has happened is that the naïve psychic has been fooled by a negative entity into channeling it as the source of their psychic readings. This is only going to bring harm to the people the psychic is reading and most likely the psychics themselves if or when they ever figure out who and what they are actually channeling.

If the psychic who was approached by the negative entity understood that there are positive and negative entities in the astral plane, and had challenged the entity properly, then the negative entity could have been exposed from the onset.

When a psychic is contacted by an unknown entity, and if the psychic cares whether that entity is of negative or positive polarity they can challenge that entity.  You challenge the entity to repeat the words, “Jesus Christ is Lord” three times slowly and clearly.  If this challenge is made firmly by a person who believes in the truth of that statement that Jesus Christ is Lord, and that Jesus Christ is a valid representative of positive-polarity, then the challenge will drive the negative entity away.  (please note that those of you who live on the opposite side of the planet from me can of course substitute the name of Buddha or another positive polarity entity instead of Jesus)  However, if the challenge is done without 100% faith in its ability to work, some negatives, usually those beyond the astral plane, will choose to ignore the challenge and keep on posing as a spirit guide, and won’t leave.

An important note here is this, if the psychic was contacted by a fourth or fifth-density negative entity and that psychic was channeling this entity by themselves, it is questionable that one individual would have enough strength to send a negative entity of that power on its way if they used a weak challenge. Remember, the negatives from the astral plane are only third density beings in between incarnations and that these negatives, although dangerous and harmful at times, don’t possess anywhere near the strength or power that negatives from fourth and fifth density possess.  From what I can tell, many of the negative astral plane entities seem to be anxious to come to psychics because it appears to be “entertainment” for them.  On the other hand, the fourth and fifth-density negatives are always serious, extremely powerful, and are always malicious.

From my experience in the past though, the good news is that I’ve never seen fourth and fifth-density negative entities show much interest in coming to psychics. This has usually been done by the negatives from the astral plane instead.

We’re now getting back to the scenario where a psychic hasn’t used any discernment or challenging and they are currently channeling an astral plane negative posing as a positive-polarity spirit guide. We now have a person who may have had a limited amount of ESP (the new psychic) all of a sudden looking very intuitive, because he or she now has a negative entity telepathically supplying detailed information. These psychics, taken in by a negative, are usually encouraged by their fake guide to start charging for their services. If the psychic at first balks at the idea of charging for their readings, the negative will usually present them with this argument: If they charge for their readings, then people will take the information more seriously because it has “value,” and therefore they are giving greater assistance to the people they’re reading.  It’s a lie, but that’s what negative entities do, is lie.

The negative entity is going to do whatever it takes to get the psychic to charge for their readings because the negative knows that once the money starts to flow, and the increased accuracy of the readings becomes known to those seeking readings, then that psychic is going to be very busy. It is usually only a short amount of time before the psychic discovers that they can charge between $30 and $75, or more, for a half-hour reading, with plenty of takers.

The negatives know that as soon as the money starts flowing, the psychic is less likely to question things. I have seen this time and time again.  All of the psychics that I went to would only accept cash.  Obviously, when the psychic becomes known enough for being accurate and the customer flow is sufficient, then usually these successful psychics quit their "day jobs" and go full time into being a psychic.  I’ve witnessed this happening many times, and of course it continues to go on.

Let's go back to a typical reading where the psychic is channeling a negative entity as the source for its readings. Remember that I said that the negative entity posing as a positive "spirit guide" always has an agenda. Let's examine this. The process is very much the same as what happened with the channeled entity FORM that I went to. Under the guise of helping, the negative entities create havoc with people's lives. The negative entity, through the psychic, will, over time, instill fear, doubt and confusion into the person being read. Incidentally, when I say over time, I mean that negatives have infinite patience. They can and will wait for years, even decades, to start and finish their agendas, all the while talking about things such as love, health and relationships.

The more that the person being read really starts to trust and rely on the readings, is when the negative entity will really start to harm the person being read. The negative’s agenda is to foul up and upset the person being read, all the while acting as though it is helping the person being read. It will advise the person being read to do things such as get a divorce, or quit or change jobs, if it knows that this false advice will really cause irreversible damage to the person being read. 

Here’s another scenario: the person being read might have been searching for the love of their life for a decade or more and are willing to do almost anything to find that love. The negative entity, through the psychic, will tell that person seeking their soul mate to move to a far away state, usually at least a thousand miles away or more.

Once the person being read moves across the country and can't find their soul mate, they will invariably go to another psychic to find out why they couldn't find their mate! The odds are also now overwhelming that when they go to a psychic that people recommended, because so and so psychic is accurate, this new psychic is also going to have a negative entity whispering into their ear to mislead the person being read all over again!

Guess what, the negative entities that these psychics are channeling, to be able to give their accurate psychic readings, are all connected on a telepathic negative, sort of ethereal internet, of their own!  Meaning that the new fake spirit guide that the new psychic is channeling, will know every lie previously ever told to the person who just moved a thousand miles away to find their soul mate. It took me a while to figure that one out, but believe me, the negative entities are literally all linked together! 

Remember, anything the negative entity can tell the psychic that will get the person being read to lose faith in God, get depressed, make them suicidal, or turn them into a sour non-spiritually seeking person, are all viewed by the negative entities as a great “win” for the Dark’s side.

I also found it is not unusual to have one negative entity fake spirit guide inform on another about being a negative entity through readings! I had to go to the two psychics involved many times in order to catch the planted misinformation and be able to conclude that both psychics were listening to a negative entity.

There really isn't any way to estimate the damage that happens when people make the mistake of allowing themselves to be misled by negative entities. Quitting marriages, jobs, and moving when it's not in a person’s best interest all have their prices. The ultimate price, or what is obviously the worst scenario of negative entities posing as positive "spirit guides" through channeled readings, is death.  These deaths usually are made to look natural or involve an accident.

In the mid '90s I stayed home sick from work one day and out of boredom watched some daytime TV that I’d never seen before. I watched The Kathy Fountain Show which featured interviews daily with people who were unusual or interesting. This particular afternoon, Fountain had four guests, three men and a woman, who called themselves the Overcomers. In the first few minutes of the show I got the “message” to record this show on a VCR I had at the time.  The guests talked about going to the "next level" and overcoming their needs for such things as coffee, alcohol and sex. They had left their families eighteen years earlier to follow their two spiritual leaders.

I showed the tape to several of my friends who were interested in learning more about discernment. I told them that the interviewees showed all the symptoms, in their answers, of people who were listening to a negative channel. The four interviewees acted very smug and elite, as if they knew things that everyone else didn't. In just about every case in the past, where I found that a negative entity had someone fooled, I noticed that the negative entities had built up the egos of those they had fooled.

I was saddened to learn that these four spiritually seeking people were part of the Heaven's Gate group of 39 people that took their lives on March 26, 1997. My knowingness told me years earlier that they were listening to a negative entity. I also believe it wasn't a coincidence that I viewed and recorded that TV show that day. It was part of my education from Spirit about negative entities and how they operate.

Anytime the negatives can confuse or disorient a positive soul into taking their own life, this is the ultimate goal among the negative’s agendas. The negatives always have an agenda each time they get someone to write something for them, or each time they come to someone posing as a fake spirit guide. They are also very patient with their agendas — the Heaven's Gate group was started in '75 and the negatives didn’t get them to take their lives until 1997, twenty two years later! The forces of Darkness always gain each time they snuff out the light of a positive polarity human on earth. To the negatives, it's one less soul that will not be here on Earth to influence other souls towards service-to-others polarity.

I wrote earlier in this book about a metaphysical reverend that was channeling a negative entity that once sent me powerful and effective healing energy when I needed a serious operation. It’s now 2015 and I’m going through the book doing updates of information. I recently learned in the past several years, that both she and the man, who channeled the entity called FORM, have died.  He was in his mid-forties and she was in her mid to late 50s when she died.  I don't know the exact particulars of either death, but my "knowingness" tells me that the negatives were involved with both of their early deaths. For many years they both had been fooled and used by negative entities. Having known both of these individuals for years and having interacted with both of them, I can assure you that the negatives didn't want either of them writing or telling others what they knew, once they discovered the truth about who they were actually channeling!

I want to make a few comments on the subject of mediums, people who claim to communicate with the dead. I don't buy it if they are claiming any on-going dialogue over any period of time. The reason I don't buy it is because God doesn't allow service-to-others, positive, Christ consciousness spirit guides or our dead relatives to ever be in direct regular contact with any of us here on Earth, without any exceptions. I’ve repeated this extremely important truth in this book many times and in many places.

I have been told several stories of people getting one last impression or message from the recently departed, and this is real and legitimate. When I say recently, I'm talking usually within the first year of death. One of my late cousins, Charlotte, lost one of her sons in a drowning accident in the Pacific many years ago. She and several of her family needed some kind of closure on this, and months later it came in the form of a dream, but not to Charlotte or someone in her family. The woman who had the dream was a friend of Charlotte's who hadn't even met the son who was lost. She described him as appearing to her in a strong and vivid dream in white robes and telling her that he was happy and all right. Charlotte and her family members got a lot of solace from this. People have reported getting final phone calls from the departed and other kinds of "I'm okay" type messages, and in my opinion, if these messages are brief and not an on-going dialogue, then they are legitimate and these brief messages don't violate the law of free will. This “I'm okay” message from the recently dead is actually rather common, but remember the message must be fairly soon after the death, and certainly not done for “entertainment” but only as a brief, “I’m OK.” 

One of the last areas involving negative entities I want to mention is the area of attachments. I strongly recommend anyone wanting more information on this subject to read Scott Peck's accounts of possession and exorcism that are contained in his book People of the Lie. Attachments are a real occurrence. I have witnessed and assisted healers in helping remove negative astral plane entities that were attached to people who didn't want them attached to them. (Nobody in their right mind would want a negative entity attached to them) I assisted by directing love energy to the healer and the person wanting the attachment removed. The healer could visually see the attached entity, but I couldn't, but I did sense and feel its presence.  I noticed a pronounced change in the people's personalities when the unwelcome attached entity was removed. They immediately became more positive acting and sounding, both physically and mentally.

Yes, evil does exist in the minds of men, but it also exists in many other forms, on Earth and in the Universes. However, please always remember that evil has no hold or power over humankind who chooses a path of service-to-others that many masters such as Christ and Buddha and others have always taught us through all the ages.