How to Recognize When Channeled Materials are from Negative Entities

Chapter 12, Connecting at 70 Miles per Hour

Over twenty psychics told me that I am a Watcher, an Ascended Master, a Grand-Master, an ambassador of one of the constellations, an angel and an archangel, among many other things!  Every one of them also described me as an "old soul" of some sort.

I had concluded by my knowingness, long before going to psychics that I am indeed some kind of an old soul, and I’ve always been and always will be comfortable with that feeling and thought that resonates with me.   I think I am also a Wanderer, because that too resonated with me when I read it for the first time in The Law of One material.  However, if I'm wrong, and I was to find out upon the end of my present incarnation that I'm a third-density soul, hopefully over the 51% service-to-others benchmark needed to make it into a fourth density positive-polarity planet for my next series of incarnations, that would be just fine with me, too.

God gave each and every human being a sixth density positive-polarity intelligence to tap into at all times for our gut feelings and every day common sense to guide us that I’ve referred to in the past, called our higher self.  In addition to this source of wisdom and guidance each soul on Earth, per Ra, also has three positive-polarity spirit guides assigned to watch over them and guide them through and to key events in their lives.  These key events were agreed upon by the soul prior to the soul’s present incarnation.  Per Ra, we are nudged and influenced by these three true positive-polarity spirit guides so that we have the opportunities to achieve the key things that we “chose” to accomplish within this lifetime.  At the bottom of this chapter’s page there is a simple prayer that anyone on Earth can say that will dramatically increase the amount of influence that their true positive-polarity spirit guides may have in their lives.

Since I just touched on the subject of old souls, allow me to make some wrap-up comments about that subject. If you understood what I was writing when I was describing Wanderers earlier in The Law of One material, you have understood that there are really two types of old souls presently on the earth. There are the old-soul third-density-type humans, who have already incarnated hundreds of times here on Earth, who are all candidates for being harvested into fourth density upon the ending of their present incarnation. Then there are the old soul Wanderers, that Ra tells us are souls who have come to Earth from fourth, fifth, and mainly sixth density societies, who are presently living among us in third-density human bodies at present as way showers for the rest of Earth's inhabitants.

These Wanderers are just as human as any third density soul. They cry, they laugh and they too have lessons to learn and Karma to balance within their present incarnations on Earth. They, like third density souls, must also come through the veil of forgetfulness, and therefore have no clear remembrances of their past incarnations as they go about coping with life upon Earth. The Wanderers don’t have to be concerned about making the 51% service-to-others benchmark, but they do have to be concerned not to accrue any Karma on Earth that could mean a possible additional lifetime back on another third density planet. 

Let me explain. If a Wanderer accrues Karma while in this third density environment we call Earth, then that Wanderer must balance that Karma while in their present lifetime, or live another lifetime on another third density planet in their future, in order to “balance” out that Karma!  Not every Wanderer wakes up to who and what they are while on Earth and sometimes some of them get ensnared in our third density environment for future incarnations.  However as the entity FORM pointed out in one of his many channeling sessions that I used to attend, Wanderers chose to come to Earth in this time period to be in service-to-others, act as way showers, and serve humankind in multiple ways because the opportunity for them to evolve and grow spiritually in this present time period on Earth is tremendous.  It is sort of like in Olympic diving events, the greater the degree of difficulty, the greater amount of points earned, for a great dive.  So, it also is for soul advancement for the Wanderers on Earth in this transition into fourth density time period Earth is currently in. 

All Wanderers on Earth presently chose to come to Earth at this point in time, to mainly be way showers to Earth’s third density population and it also needs pointing out that these Wanderers have come to Earth from all the different star constellations within our own Milky Way Galaxy.  Besides the Wanderers choosing to be here on Earth as Earth transitions from 75,000 years of being a third density planet into a new fourth density positive-polarity planet, these same Wanderers were chosen as “representatives” of their star constellations as well.  So, it is really an honor to be a Wanderer upon Earth in present times, but also quite difficult for many Wanderers simply because they often don't fit into mainstream society. 

As I look among my friends and relatives, I am not for a second going to entertain the thought of who is or isn't a Wanderer. I can't tell with any total certainty, and neither can anyone else, who is who.  Any old soul, regardless of whether he or she is of third or any higher density should be happy to be on Earth as we approach the exciting changes and opportunities that will occur as our planet changes into a fourth-density planet.  One final comment to anyone who thinks he or she is an old soul, and let’s face it, if you’ve read this far in this book you are indeed probably an old soul. If indeed you are one, you are here to set an example and assist in the thousands of ways that humankind can evolve and become more loving. You are first and foremost a way-shower and often a role model for younger souls upon this planet, and that fact combined with $20 dollars, will generally buy you a cup of coffee in most restaurants upon this planet. In other words, being an old soul, whether one is a third density old soul, or whether one is a Wanderer from sixth density, is never something to feel or think of one's self as superior to any other human being alive.

To really put things into perspective, go out and grab a leaf off of a tree, and then ask yourself how many leaves there are on the trees on Earth. When you get your answer, that's how many old souls have come before you, and that's how many will come after you here on this Earth. Being an old soul is never being greater or better than someone else.  If we think a little about this – all souls eventually become old souls.

With what I have learned about psychics, channels and how negative entities come to people posing as the good guys from God, I ended up significantly reinforcing my earlier beliefs that the Bible has been tremendously intentionally distorted by negative entities in the past. Does this mean that I don't read it? No, I do occasionally read it, but I use common sense and my knowingness when I do. I understand why the Old Testament is full of fear and talks about things such as "an eye for an eye." I prefer to read the New Testament, which talks about love instead.

There are and have been for many hundreds of years, Asians, mostly Buddhists, who have never heard of the name Jesus Christ, yet they live lives of loving and service-to-others. The Native Americans who roamed America for centuries also didn't know of Christ. These peoples, for the most part, were also loving and peaceful and served others and were one with nature.  Since the time of Christ, there have been countless billions of souls who have walked this earth who never heard of Christ, or for that matter other masters who have taught humankind about love and forgiveness too.

Ultimately, love is love, regardless of what language it is spoken in. God is far too large to be contained, let alone contained in, or by, any one religion, or sect of a religion.  The fact of the matter if Ra is to be believed, everyone of us, every living thing and being, including the little mouse scurrying around in somebody’s attic as I write this, are all one, and all living things make up this energy that we know of as “God.” 

No organized religion on this earth will ever convince me that the one and only Creator, God, wants anyone to kill another human being in his or her name. If something is not love based, it's not from God. If something is fear based, be wary – I've always found that to be the trademark of the negatives.

We are all One! Every human on this Earth is my brother and sister, yes, even those in prison for murder. Every alien in space, the positive and, yes, the negative ones too, are also my brother and sister. Every animal and plant that is alive is also a part of me.  Ra states that this Law of One is practiced throughout all the universes, without exception, and that the universes, are infinite in number.  (probably a good time to tell you that what Ra calls Universes, we call galaxies, and our scientists have found millions, if not billions of these galaxies) 

It's now time we started practicing that we are all “One” on this Earth!  None of us is any better than the next person; we are just at varying levels of growing, learning and experiencing life, called evolving.  I urge everyone, especially those in organized religions, to read The Law of One and discover for yourself that not all aliens come here in peace, and that the negative entities have gained tremendously from the confusion and distancing that many organized religions have brought to humankind. 

When human beings evolve enough, and mass consciousness is raised sufficiently high enough, and enough people recognize and acknowledge that all is truly “one” upon this planet, we will then have lasting peace.

I'm not saying don't go to a church or belong to a religion. What I am saying is recognize that everyone on Earth is your brother or sister, not just the people who sit in your church with you. If you do go to a church where the lessons are always about sinning, fear and retribution, instead of loving, caring and personal growth, perhaps it's time for a new church.  I wouldn't hesitate to try many churches or perhaps a Buddhist temple, in order to locate a place where love and forgiveness and self-empowerment are being taught. The main thing is to find a church where love is genuinely practiced and not just talked about, and where fear and judgment are not to be found.

For many people, simply being out in nature by a body of water or in a forest is their church, and that's fine, too. Spirit is everywhere!

I have talked a lot in this book about the subject of free will. Until I read the information given by Ra in The Law of One material, I didn't really understand the subject, or how it applies to all of us. Since this Earth is a planet that is literally quarantined, so that souls can come here and choose whether they want to be service-to-self or service-to-others without interference, neither side will come to you unless you seek them.

In approximately forty years of seeking the truth about spirituality, I know beyond a doubt that going to a church isn't required to connect to Spirit. (Once again, if you are currently going to a church, and it meets your needs and nourishes you, then continue to go) What does really seem to matter is choosing to connect from your heart.

It doesn't really matter where you worship. What does matter is that you make a spiritual choice. If you are moved by the messages of love and service to others that Christ, Buddha and others have been imparting to humankind, then connect to Spirit, in service-to-others. This means living a life where you are practicing the things that they did, and doing it all from the heart, not out of fear, but out of love for all humankind.

Connecting to Spirit can be done anywhere, and I do mean anywhere. You can even drive down the interstate to work in the morning, for ten minutes a day at 70 MPH, and connect just fine. Obviously, if praying means to you closing your eyes, don't even consider driving and praying. However, if you can pray and drive with your eyes open, turn the radio off and just "be" in silence. Start by saying the Lord's Prayer, and if you find yourself just mouthing the words, start it all over again until you feel connected. Then simply say your prayers as though you are talking to a good friend, which is what Spirit is and more, of course.

Here is the most important part of all of this: to connect to Spirit, and I will also call it the Holy Spirit or God, you must make a statement of some kind, asking for guidance in your words, from your heart. For example, you could say "Dear Father (Spirit, Lord, God, Creator, or whatever you are comfortable with), in every affair of my life, large and small, known and unknown to me, show me what is in my highest and best interest." Or you could say, "I surrender my will" or "guide me." A simple "Show me the way" will work. Any statement that is you speaking from your heart, said anywhere on a regular basis (daily is nice, but don't chastise yourself if you get too busy and forget a day), making a choice to allow God and Spirit into your life, will change your life! It involves putting your ego aside and letting Spirit guide your life for your greatest good. It can also be expressed as "Let go and let God."

When a person makes this choice with sincerity from their heart, his or her whole life will start to change. The reason that a person’s life will start to change is because Spirit will literally start to guide every aspect of his or her life.  We all have spirit guides but they are always somewhat limited by the Law of Free Will.  For example, if your life’s plan, made prior to incarnating here on Earth, calls for you to meet a particular person you had a relationship with in a past incarnation, rest assured your higher-self along with your spirit guides will make sure you meet that person at precisely the right time.  Your higher-self and guides will set up the meeting, but because of the Law of Free Will, can only give you limited guidance in your interactions with this person you just met.  However, IF you are choosing to connect to Spirit and asking it to guide your every thought action and deed for those things that are in your highest and greatest interest, then you will start to receive ADDITIONAL GUIDANCE from Spirit. 

Let’s assume you just met that person to balance Karma owed to this person and you will need to have a relationship with this person in order to balance that Karma owed.  Relying on your higher-self and your true spirit guides only for guidance in balancing the Karma with this person may have taken a year or so, with much grief endured by both parties in doing so.   However, with Spirit’s additional guidance, you just might balance out that Karma with ease and less drama in just a few months instead.  Allowing Spirit to guide our lives makes those kinds of things, and many other aspects of your life, to go with ease instead of strife.

When you choose to invite God into your life you boost your guidance from God in a myriad of ways that aren’t available to you from your true spirit guides and higher-self only.  Remember when I bought items at two stores on the same weekend, when their totals came to $22.22 and $11.11?   That was an example done to me, to show you the reader an example of the extra guidance that came to me, because I choose to connect to God on a regular basis in my life.

The help you will receive will literally be in every aspect of your life. A lot of it will come in the form of feelings and thoughts about things. For example, in many cases after seeking to connect to God, you will find yourself eating healthier foods and taking care of yourself with better care. When you are at the market shopping or simply thinking about what you desire to eat, you will find yourself "guided" into making the choices that are in your best interest. It is very subtle guiding, but you will find things in your life flowing with ease. Bad habits and even addictions, will simply fall away from you, and if you look back, without any real effort on your part. Be prepared for a few miracles, for I promise they will start taking place in your life once you choose to be connected.

In addition to being and feeling guided you will feel the warm feelings of a love energy which is with you always, even on those days that you might act a little less spiritual. Walking a spiritual path for most people is usually a two-step-forward, and occasionally, one-step-back proposition. On those days that you don't feel very spiritual, you are just as loved and guided and protected. Spirit has infinite patience. It will wait for you and never judges you.

Everything I am writing here is what I have personally discovered and put into practice over decades of time.  I know it works beyond a doubt. But remember, in order to “connect” you must do it from your heart, not your head, or nothing will ever happen!