How to Recognize When Channeled Materials are from Negative Entities

Chapter 14, Thoughts and Observations about Our Future

In the late '80s I found myself drawn to several books about Edgar Cayce. My friend Joyce was convinced that he was among the most accurate of the people who have made prophesies about Earth's and humankind's future. When I read Cayce's predictions about large Earth changes, such as quakes and the earth shifting on its axis, at the very moment I was reading these things I had a knowingness that some of these things might take place in my lifetime and affect me directly. Shortly after reading these predictions from Cayce I had some dreams given to me. Before I share them with you, please keep remembering these dreams took place in 1989.

It was as if I had never dreamed in my life before these three dreams were given to me three nights in a row. Imagine watching a television where the sound and the color were just so-so. Perhaps faded is a better choice of words. Then someone comes along and turns up the sound and adjusts the colors so that they are extremely vivid. This is what these dreams were like. Along with the intensity of seeing, and being in the dream, was a remembrance of the most minute details that have stayed with me to this day. These three dreams left no doubt whatsoever in my mind that if Spirit wants us to know something, or communicate something of significance to us, we will most certainly get their message.  I’d like to elaborate on that last statement. In addition to the three extremely vivid Earth changes dreams I’ve had, I also had two very strong dreams where I was shown potential danger to myself that allowed me to avoid the potential harm to myself.

Back to the Earth changes dreams. The first night's dream had me in an old house by Tampa Bay. I spent what seemed like hours exploring the things that were in the house, unconcerned with who owned it, and felt that what I was doing was quite okay. When I came out of this house, I looked across the street and saw that the bay had risen by several feet above the normal high tide and was starting to flood the streets. I felt detached and without any fear or emotion as I witnessed the bay rising. What also stood out, that separated these dreams from others, was that I was totally alone. There were no voices, cars driving by, barking dogs, or any of the normal noises to be found in a neighborhood. The next evening I awoke to the same kind of dream, again with nobody in the dream but me, this time exploring a different house on the highest ground in this area. When I came out of this house, after several hours, I saw where the Gulf had risen and this area had become a series of islands. The third night was a much shorter dream; same detachment and solitude, but I was shown the corner of a lot of one (I don't know which one, just knew it was one) of my New England cousin's homes. The ground had dropped about 20 feet, exposing fence posts and tree roots. My knowingness told me that the third dream was to show me that the water rising in this area wasn't from a hurricane!  It was to show me that the water rising had come from something like a tectonic plate shift and that these Earth changes were widespread.

In the approximately twenty five years since these three dreams, I have periodically asked Spirit if these things are likely to still occur. What my knowingness tells me is probably not, because of collective consciousness, which I'm about to write about in the next paragraph.

Cayce clearly stated that the variables that determine the probability and severity of any future Earth changes depend on the thoughts and actions of all of the people on this planet. If enough of us on the planet learn to love, first ourselves, then others, we can eliminate many predicted Earth changes or at least, reduce their severity. They will also lessen in direct proportion to our ability to focus on positive outcomes. I'm not going to go into this subject here at length, but in a nutshell, all thoughts are things! Events in our world literally happen by what we all think. This principal works for individuals and it also works when individuals are in a large group. When we are in a large group it is called collective consciousness. One thing that I'd like to point out is that the water rising in my first dream was slow and not sudden. This ties directly into what Cayce said too. He said that "If" we have Earth changes that produce water rising, that the water would rise gradually.

In 2009, I read a book about Cayce's predictions of Earth changes that he made in the late 30's. It seems that at that point in time that he was making these predictions he was also having difficulties with a negative entity trying to come through him when he was in trance. He and his group of followers made the decision to not accept this entities assistance that was being offered. We can safely assume it wasn't a positive oriented entity that was trying to "assist" Cayce and furthermore, please recall that messages of doom and gloom are sort of standard operating procedure for negative oriented entities. 

There was a time back in the early '90s when I used to subscribe to a newsletter put out by a person who made predictions about Earth-changes, and I believe still does this to this day. This person would predict some form of doom and gloom for our planet with virtually every other newsletter.  When I began to understand collective consciousness and who this newsletter writer was apparently getting his "information" from,  I immediately stopped subscribing.

I'm writing this now in 2015, and I think and expect that we will continue to experience severe weather changes to our Earth in the upcoming years directly tied into our polluting our planet.  However, on the bright side, I’d like to add that my knowingness has always told me quite clearly that we are not going to undergo any major Armageddon-type catastrophe, such as an asteroid or worldwide nuclear warfare destroying all of us on Earth. That scenario has never resonated with me in the least.

According to Ra, the Earth changes are occurring for essentially two reasons: First, to balance the Earth's energy fields, such as the magnetic fields around the world as the Earth prepares itself to be a fourth density positive-polarity planet.  Second, the weather type Earth-changes act as a catalyst to coerce some of humankind into making choices between service-to-self and service-to-others.  Natural disasters always bring out the best and the worst in people.  For instance, when Hurricane Andrew hit South Florida, I recall some people were selling drinking water for ten dollars a gallon or more, while other people chose instead to share their water for free to the people in need.  I prefer to believe that collective consciousness has averted the major planetary-wide type Earth changes we’ve seen in so many disaster movies.

Something else that is going on that we all are becoming witnesses to with each passing year is this. It is getting increasingly harder and harder for service-to-self people, corporations, countries, dictators and anyone in general who is trying to hide their self-serving actions from the rest of us who aren't self-serving. This trend is only going to continue and it is going to continue to speed up. All things are going to continue to be “exposed” and as the fourth density energy increases on our planet, it will become increasingly more difficult for those doing evil things to continue to do so unobstructed and unobserved.   Every year we will see more of the truth about all things that affect us being shown to us.  As the truth is shown to us these truths will eventually bring about significant social changes in how we all live and get along.  The reason for the truths being exposed more and more with the passing of time is because eventually the future fourth density inhabitants of this Earth will become telepathic according to Ra, and will only need to communicate verbally if and when they choose to.  In a society such as that, there would be no secrets and harmony and peace would have to be well established long before that future population became telepathic. However, since this is all caused by invisible energies that we can’t see, this aspect of fourth density has already started with more and more things being exposed.  Of course our rapidly changing and expanding electronic devices are part of all this trending towards more openness.

According to Ra, it will most likely take hundreds of years for Earth and its people to completely fully shift into a fourth density planet and society, but that won’t stop us from seeing some of the upcoming changes within our lifetimes.  For example, Ra tells us that some of the characteristics of a fourth density population is that they eventually become vegetarians.  I already see a shift in spiritually seeking humans slowly getting away from eating meat and I also see everyone’s intuition increasing in small steady increments year by year.

I think the most significant change we will begin to see on Earth is that people are going to become more loving and forgiving and far less aggressive within the next two decades.  My belief in this taking place is based upon that nanosecond in time that this planet stopped being a place where third density souls could come here to do their incarnations and I believe that moment in time already took place back in the Winter Solstice of 2012! 

For 75 thousand years in our past, third density souls have been incarnating here, but if I understand the Law of One material correctly on this point, only souls who are fourth density positive-polarity will be allowed to be born on this Earth after 2012!   Think about the implications of this for a moment. 

In our past we’ve had third density souls, of both polarities, being born on Earth for 75 thousand years, and we of course know the track record of these souls — endless bloodshed and wars as they went about learning how to evolve and make their polarity choices.  Imagine an Earth where every child being born, in every country around the Earth, will be loving and evolved from birth as their natural nature!  I don’t think it will take very long, perhaps a decade or two, for these loving children to lead by example and show us better ways to live in harmony upon this planet.  When I think about this happening, I keep getting the feeling, that not unlike the fall of Communism in Russia and East Europe; this too will be a faster transition than we could have imagined.

The Law of One tells us that fourth density positive-polarity civilizations, that we are becoming, interact with other fourth density positive polarity civilizations when their populations are sufficiently evolved enough, so perhaps within the lifetimes of some of us reading these words; we will witness contact and communication from other fourth density civilizations. Visits to Earth in the near future from other more evolved and advanced fourth density civilizations may show us the technology to clean up our planet by things such as ways to produce power without burning fuels that currently pollute our planet. The interaction with other fourth density civilizations will occur when we are ready as a collective society on Earth for this to happen.  Meaning, the population will be able to handle these events emotionally and psychologically, without anyone doing something that would harm themselves, such as overreacting and jumping off a bridge in fear or panic.

By now you no doubt have come to realize that service-to-others is a lifestyle of loving and really has nothing to do with things such as a person’s chosen occupation. It means that before you think, say or act, you consider the others around you. It means being kind, considerate and compassionate towards everyone, without ever judging or trying to have any power over him or her. It doesn't mean that you can't have material things or be wealthy. You can, but not at the expense and suffering of others.

Ra never actually tells us the exact point in time when every living soul on this Earth will have their polarity measured.   For many reasons I believe this will take place at the end of each individual’s third density life.  At the point in time each human being has their percentage of their polarity measured, it won’t matter a bit what their religion was or wasn’t, or how much wealth they accrued in their lifetime, for all these things will be totally meaningless!

Billionaires and others who are currently sitting on tremendously huge sums of money, while their fellow humans are starving to death, who don’t make the 51% service-to-others mark will find themselves repeating hundreds of incarnations on another third density planet all over again.  They will keep repeating lives on that new third density planet until they eventually choose a polarity by reaching the 51% mark or the 95% mark, but if they sit on the fence without reaching either percentage mark, they will after 75 thousand years of living on another third density planet, repeat their entire third density cycle of incarnations all over again, until they have chosen a polarity.

I’ve written a lot about this 51% in service-to-others benchmark, but let me explain a little more about how I think I understand how this process works with most human beings.  It’s all in the Law of One material, but like I’ve said before, parts of it are quite difficult to comprehend at times.  I think one’s percentage mark varies from lifetime to lifetime, and over a long period of time over many incarnations, one’s percentage mark slowly gravitates towards one polarity or the other. Once a person’s polarity starts a trend in one direction or another, it usually stays in that trended direction, unless something profound occurs in an individual's lifetime, sort of an epiphany moment so to speak, that will reverse a course of direction.  Ra does tell us that people whose polarity is mostly service-to-self, are more inclined to wake up one day and realize that the service-to-self lives they’ve been living are hollow and unfulfilling, causing them to turn more service-to-others, rather than the other way around.  An example of a negative entity turning positive is that the man who wrote the song Amazing Grace had once been in the slave trading business!

The overwhelming purpose of life on Earth is all about choosing a polarity!   It doesn’t care if you’re rich or poor, belong to a church or organized religion or not, or whether you even know about or understand it, but it is the “system” created by God for all human beings.   The love and compassion in your heart for others, or lack of it, ultimately is what really matters in life!  Marlo Thomas, the American actress, was quoted as saying:  “There are two kinds of people in the world, Givers and Takers.  The takers may eat better, but the givers sleep better.”