How to Recognize When Channeled Materials are from Negative Entities

Chapter 7, Meeting the Tampa Group and the Entity Called FORM

A few months before Joyce died I was led to a group of about a fifteen old soul types who gathered once a week in Tampa. It all started when I met two young women at a metaphysical church in Tampa on a Sunday, who both struck me as loving old soul types, and who made a very positive impression on me as being unusually peaceful. They were much younger than myself, and I had no romantic interest in them, but I kept thinking to myself, that there's something unusual about these two women that I can't put my finger on. Three day later, a man named J.D., who I was recently introduced to by a common friend, urged me to go to Tampa with him to meet a small "meditation group" comprised of healers and seekers he thought I should meet.  I agreed, and we drove to Tampa for me to meet this group. We walked into a large apartment and sat down amidst a group sitting in a circle on the carpeted living room floor. I sat down alongside one of the women I'd just met a few days earlier at the church in Tampa that struck me as loving and evolved. My instincts told me immediately that I was supposed to meet this group of people and that I was in the right place, because Spirit had just provided me with two distinctly different paths to this group! Spirit got my attention by using mathematically, highly-improbable-odds type situations, that I was quickly realizing weren't coincidences.

This beautiful group was made up mostly of women, and their ages varied from young 20s to late 40s. Every member of this group was very dedicated to expanding their consciousness and to growing spiritually. They were all highly intuitive and several had a gift for healing people. A couple of them were also able to see the colored auras around people. They all knew that they were old souls, somehow connected, and were very harmonious with each other. They welcomed me, and I immediately felt very comfortable with them.

There was a definite searching or seeking for the truth going on within these people as there was with me. Meditating as a group was always done at these meetings and would bring an immediate sense of peace from the treadmill-running pace of the work world we all brought through the door with us. One of the things that I noticed almost immediately is that I could actually feel the love energy in the air around this group.

Often, if someone was feeling physically or emotionally low, we would sit him or her down in a chair and stand around them and think and radiate love towards that person to heal them. If you were the person sitting in the chair, you could easily feel the love energy and feel yourself healing. Now, I want to point out that any, and I do mean any group of people can do the same thing with regard to channeling love energy. You simply hold your hands out towards the person in the chair (they can be standing also) and visualize a column of pink healing love energy, flowing from above, being directed by your hands directly into the person you are healing, while at the same time thinking love thoughts towards the person.

It's important for me to point out that, If you go at this with a negative or doubtful attitude about it working, it won't work. One of the most important things I can tell you in this book is this: any time you are praying, trying to manifest something, or doing a healing on someone, you must believe that it will work, or nothing happens. Sometimes you just won't be able to believe at first, but the more that you are around others who have the faith of believing, the more it will rub off on you. Now is not the place in this book to expound on why it is so important to believe; I will save it for later on, but I will tell you that when you have belief, you are having faith. This is one of the important things Christ was trying to teach humankind.

One of the things that I discovered very quickly as a common denominator type thing with this new group, and actually with most of the other old souls I was to meet later on in the Tampa Bay area, was that eating red meat usually falls away from us as we grow and awaken spiritually. Now, this isn't one of those 100% for sure things, but it does seem to work in general. It seems to be a gradual process with most of the spiritually seeking people I've observed. A few months before joining this group I turned down a free steak dinner on my birthday in favor of a local fish called, grouper. That was also when I first began to notice that I no longer desired red meat, so I just quit eating it, along with pork. It wasn't something that I ever made a conscious decision about; it simply just took place in my life without any struggle whatsoever.

The group ran itself quite harmoniously without the need for one person to be in charge, although one could see that several in the group shared leadership and were looked up to by the others. One of these, a woman named Margaret, lived across Tampa Bay near where I was living at the time. She and I became fairly close friends. I remember our first conversation because she was one of the ones who saw auras. The first evening we met at the group she told me that she knew who I was by looking at my aura, and that her instincts also were telling her. "So who am I?" I asked. She proceeded to describe my aura, but not just the aura itself. She told me that there were geometric shapes that "floated" above my head that told her that I was indeed some kind of very old soul, even among the other old soul types. Margaret then told me, "I think your main job in this incarnation is to help counter the forces of Darkness."  At this point in time I'd been going to different psychic readers for several years who were telling me all kinds of things, so being told this sort of thing didn't really shock me, but it did increase my curiosity level.  Another of the leader types in the group also told me similar things about myself, and I filed that away, too.

Once a month the majority of people in the group would gather together to listen to a channel in St. Petersburg, which they felt was far and away the best channel on the west coast of Florida. They invited me to join them to listen to FORM, which I did.

Before I tell you about this experience let me explain a little about channeling. There's two types of channeling, let me tell you about conscious channeling first. With this type of channeling, the channel increases his or her consciousness by going into a deep form of meditation. While in this form of higher consciousness, the channeler then allows another entity to see and speak through them.  Notice I said higher state of consciousness, but nevertheless, quite conscious. With this kind of channeling, the channeler can go back and forth with knowledge of some of what is coming through them from an entity outside of themselves, and what is coming from their own conscious thoughts.  In other words, a mixture of the two entities, the entity being channeled and the person doing the channeling, is what is being heard by the listeners of this channel. 

The other form of channeling is called trance channeling, and with this form of channeling, the channeler is put in a trance by themself or someone else. The entity being channeled speaks through the channeler, who is now in a complete trance and won't remember a thing about what he or she has channeled when they wake up. I've also observed that the entity speaking through the channel will always have a different voice, and a distinctly different personality and set of mannerisms completely different from the channeler's own personality and mannerisms.  I've also found that trance channelers are the ones who appear to be able to bring in entities from higher realms and that the non-trance channelers are using bringing in entities from the astral plane — an invisible plane of existence for many types of entities as well as the Earth's dead when in-between incarnations.

Okay, back to seeing FORM in St. Petersburg. We drove to an apartment complex in St. Pete where we were admitted to a fairly large modern penthouse apartment where the channeler lived. Dan was an interior designer who appeared to be in his forties, who was quite outgoing and friendly. After about 15-20 guests arrived and seated themselves in a semi-circle in front of his recliner, Dan, the channel, sat down and proceeded to put himself into a trance. Within a few minutes, after a bit of trembling, Dan's personality did a complete transformation as the entity that called itself "FORM" started talking. (FORM was an acronym of the entity's name) FORM greeted everyone and was quite obviously looking through Dan's eyes.

My very first gut feeling as I watched FORM talk was an uncomfortable one. When I asked myself why I was feeling this way, I immediately knew it was because I felt that FORM was a negative entity and wasn't one of the good guys!  It was nothing that he was saying that made me feel this way. On the contrary, what he was saying was phenomenal. The words of wisdom about love, life, health and relationships were absolutely profound and extremely helpful!

Because the message was so powerful and so bursting with wisdom, and because the people I was with were so in support of and impressed by this entity, I didn't dwell on this thought and feeling that FORM was a negative entity. I simply didn't want to believe that. I was warned ahead of time not to interrupt him when he was talking or to arrive late; FORM didn't like either. He would use a type of witty sarcasm to let the late person know he didn't appreciate his or her being late. He would do it with such intelligent wit and tact that latecomers often didn't realize that he was even admonishing them. The majority of the audience kept a very low profile lest they be the targets of his biting wit.

Another reason they kept a low profile was because it quickly became apparent to anyone seated in front of him that FORM was able to read their thoughts as they were thinking things. He could also tell them things such as what they were thinking about earlier in the day sitting in traffic, which of course proved beyond a doubt that this wasn't Dan faking any of this. He would be talking with someone and often would tell them their thoughts, or gently nudge the truth out of them if they tried to hold back. All of this was very unnerving and took some getting used to. The intelligence that FORM exhibited in conversing with several people simultaneously, and always with total recall, and then being able to pick up where he left off on subject matter that was rather deep, was beyond impressive. I never entertained any thoughts that Dan could be faking all this, because it was very apparent that no human possessed the I.Q. we were witnessing.

FORM talked for about an hour and a half and then would take a half hour break to rest Dan. Dan would go lie down for about a half-hour while the guests mingled about the open roof top balcony all lit up with hundreds of small white lights. When Dan returned, he would place himself back into a trance, and FORM would come through him again. FORM would then lecture for about another hour and then lead everyone in a meditation. As he guided the people in the room through the meditation, FORM talked about raising the love energy level in the room, and that's exactly what he and those who were in attendance did. The love energy in the room that FORM generated was quite real and intense, as though you could cut it with a knife.

At the end of this evening and my first visit to hear Dan channel FORM, my friends from the Tampa group were eager to hear what I thought about all that had taken place. I very reluctantly told them about the gut feeling I had about FORM being a negative entity posing as a positive entity. My friends didn't want to begin to entertain these thoughts of mine! They were very adamant that FORM was from and serving the Light. I was to discover later that the ones who were most adamant weren't just tied into FORM's monthly sessions, but were also going to Dan for private one-on-one readings with FORM. Since I wanted to be accepted and fit in with this Tampa group I'd just become a part of, I kept silent about my thoughts about who or what FORM was in the months that followed.