How to Recognize When Channeled Materials are from Negative Entities

Chapter 8, Learning, Growing, and Experiencing

I quickly put my initial gut feelings about FORM behind me and tried to operate under the assumption that he must be one of the good guys. Here I was the new person in the Tampa group and I was the only one feeling that FORM was a negative, and all these other people in this group had been going to him for years before I came along. Then there were his messages about life, love, and other topics that were so educational and even very profound at times. Then, at the urgings of many of my new friends in the Tampa group, I even went to see Dan in St. Petersburg for several one-on-one personal readings that were done by Dan channeling FORM with just me seated in front of Dan as FORM conversed with me. I even rationalized to myself that FORM's habit of cleverly putting people on the spot, of course always with great tact and cleverness, surely was just his "personality" showing through.

However, there was a part of me that I couldn't quite silence that demanded that I get to the bottom of why my initial feelings told me that FORM was a negative entity masquerading as a positive entity. Because of that part of me, I always tape recorded both the personal readings and the monthly channeled meetings, and I would then analyze each session afterwards. I would spend countless hours listening to the tapes over and over while paying close attention to my feelings, as well as my logical thoughts, when things FORM said didn't resonate with me. I then wrote down notes and kept them in a journal. By doing this over time, I began to see a pattern in FORM's behavior emerge, which I will discuss a bit later on.

About a year later, while still attending the Tampa group, I came across another group in the St. Pete area that was similar in many ways to the Tampa group, in that the make-up of the members was very similar. This group met at a metaphysical bookstore for about a year and had around twenty-five people participating each week. The very first night that I was at this new group, a woman named Donna approached me at the break with something she wanted to tell me. Donna was considered by this group as the most psychic, in a group that had several psychics among it, and she too, saw people's auras. She asked my permission to share with me what she was seeing in my aura that first time we met, and I agreed to let her. She told me that she saw geometric shapes floating directly above my head within my aura. She next proceeded to draw on a piece of paper what she was seeing and the main shape resembled what a cartoonist might draw as a lazy lightning bolt. Donna went on to tell me that she had never seen geometric shapes floating in other people's auras in all of her past experiences around other spiritually seeking people.

She only stayed in this area for about six months before going back to Dallas where she came from originally. While she was here we became friends and she gave me several psychic readings. Donna, from what I observed, was channeling her higher self only. She told me that her intuition consistently told her that I was a very strong old soul sent to Earth to stand up to and expose the Dark’s tricks and agendas, especially to other old souls, who were seeking the truth.

Shortly after Donna left this area I had another unusual experience that really started me thinking. Now, before I go further, please realize that since I personally can't see auras, I was very skeptical about Margaret and Donna telling me my aura was different than others they had seen. One Sunday I picked up Margaret and we drove out to the beach. At the time, Margaret was recovering from a benign brain tumor and was having some serious financial difficulties, and I decided to treat her to lunch at a seafood restaurant that afternoon. It's important for me to point out that I never told her where I was driving to. She and I sat down in a local popular seafood restaurant on the Gulf and ordered our food. A young woman, who appeared to be in her early twenties, was sitting with a couple about her same age across the dining room, well out of hearing range of anything Margaret and I were talking about. What was unusual was that this young woman kept staring at me. At first I thought I probably looked like someone she knew. After a while, she got up and walked over to our table and just awkwardly stood there above us, sort of dumbfounded-looking. I looked up at her and asked if I could help her. Her reply was to ask if Margaret and I were psychics. Margaret and I quickly exchanged glances and sort of smiled at each other, and then told her, "Well sort of, but no, not really." We quickly volunteered to her that although we were both very intuitive, we didn't consider ourselves to be psychics, and then we asked her to sit down with us, and she did. When she sat down, Margaret immediately turned to her and said, "You're seeing our auras, aren't you?" The woman said, "Yes," and quickly added that she hadn't seen an aura like mine ever before. Next, this woman who was a complete stranger and Margaret started discussing the shapes they both claimed to see floating above my head.

I sat there listening to this strange conversation in awe and started thinking about mathematical odds again. This was now the third person within the past year or so that was making a fuss over my aura that I couldn't begin to see.

I felt like I no longer had any reasonable choice but to conclude that these people were actually seeing my aura, and that my aura was apparently different looking than most people's. Because of these ladies making a fuss over my aura, along with other unusual experiences I went through from the early 80s until the late 90s, I started going to psychics in the Tampa Bay area and around Florida.  I would ask people in the metaphysical communities I'd encountered if they knew of a good or accurate psychic. I would generally go to a psychic at least twice, and often three or more times. Each time I went I would tape record the readings I was receiving. I would prepare questions ahead of time and then would analyze the tapes later while writing out notes to myself. I would make a mental note to myself if I heard something during a reading that didn't resonate with me. In other words, did what was being told to me during a reading feel like the truth, or did it feel like a lie or half-truth to me? I often pitted information from one psychic against the next one I'd go to in order to compare answers.

I quickly learned to note if the psychic during the reading would say he, she, or they are telling me something, which indicated to me that they weren't just channeling their higher self, but were channeling an entity out side of themselves instead.

When I figured out that the overwhelming majority of the psychics I was going to were indeed channeling an entity outside of themselves for their answers, I started asking these psychics about the entities they were channeling. I remember a very popular psychic in Tampa who was one of the first I posed this question to. She was a very successful psychic who had grown quite prosperous doing many readings a day for cash. One day, after my second or third reading from her, I asked her about the polarity of the entity she was channeling. She told me, "It took me five years to be able to reach the astral plane, and now that I'm able to read for people, I'm not about to ask any questions." In the brief conversation that followed, she adamantly told me she could care less about the polarity of the entity she was channeling, and that she was just glad to be able to "help" people with their problems.

Before I go on, let me briefly give you some information about the astral plane. The astral plane is an invisible plane of existence, supposedly ringing the Earth that allegedly holds the Earth's dead in between incarnations. I don't know about angels or other entities residing there, but I do know that the Earth's dead, in between incarnations, definitely reside there. I'd like to now focus on the Earth's dead in between incarnations.

When a person dies on Earth, they retain the same personality and intelligence they possessed on Earth before they died. Once a person dies and their soul goes to the invisible astral plane that surrounds Earth, there is no veil there, so anything they ever wanted to know is known to them instantly while they're there.  Every soul, without any exceptions, that incarnates on Earth, goes through the veil of forgetfulness so that they can experience a present incarnation without any knowledge of their past incarnations that could potentially cause problems with their present incarnation. For example, if you were very wealthy in your most recent incarnation, and this time around you were very poor, you might be so resentful and immobilized by the knowledge of having been wealthy in your past incarnation, that you could conceivably completely waste your present incarnation lamenting about how poor you are now! So, hopefully, you see the practical reason why each soul who incarnates on Earth must pass through this veil of forgetfulness, thus giving them no solid real knowledge of their past incarnations, so that their present incarnation is not compromised by the past.

Okay, now let's get back to the Earth's dead in the astral plane who don't have the veil of forgetfulness to deal with while they are there.These very much alive beings, although in spirit form, have total access to what is called the Akashic Records. Think of the Akashic Records as an "ethereal internet" that contains the records of all things that have ever happened, as well as the things that are most probable to happen in the future. The Law of One material tells us that the main purpose of souls incarnating on Earth is for souls, after experiencing hundreds of incarnations, to choose a polarity of service-to-self or service-to-others. In other words, choosing between what we commonly call good and evil.

If a person's polarity at the time of their Earthly death was that of a negative service-to-self individual, that's what they will be during their stay in the astral plane before they incarnate again on Earth. Here's where it gets interesting. This negatively polarized service-to-self type soul that exists in the astral plane in between incarnations won't obey the Law of Free Will and will readily communicate with psychics on Earth seeking their help. Since this negatively polarized soul has access to the Akashic Records, it can easily tell the psychic channeling it, very specific information about the person the psychic is "reading."  The specific information of events that have taken place in the past are easy for the psychic to pass on to the person being read, as well as the most probable scenarios that will take place in the future. Unfortunately, this sort of thing violates a person's free will and will most assuredly, sooner or later, harm the person being read.

In all, I went to approximately two dozen or so different psychics over the years. I originally started going to them looking for answers to my life's problems and never did get an answer from any psychic that truly benefited me. After a while, as I learned how the majority of the psychics I was encountering were getting the answers they were passing on to me, I started going to them more out of curiosity than anything else. Eventually I read and understood enough of how things actually worked in the spirit world from The Law of One material that I then began to realize that the only way I was going to ever get actual solutions to my problems was to go within only. I discovered that nobody on Earth was ever going to get the answers to their problems from psychics and that they were never meant to. The most I ever got from going to psychics were things that were confirmed to me that I already knew the answers to.

Ironically, we are all intuitive and most of us "read" for our close friends all the time, in the sense that we often confirm things our close friends already know. We do this more often when our close friends are trying to convince themselves about something that they really don't in their heart of hearts believe. When we do this for our friends and relatives, we are listening to our higher selves only.

After decades of going to psychics I quit going completely. I discovered that the overwhelming majority of psychics that I had gone to were channeling negative astral plane entities for their information. I also discovered that the overwhelming majority of the psychics that were channeling negative entities didn't know how to tell the difference between a positive and negative entity and were doing no challenging whenever these entities came to them.

Eventually the Tampa group started becoming uncomfortable for me and my friend Margaret. Several of the members in the group got very interested in channeling, and, in my opinion, weren't at all discerning about whom or what they channeled. They weren't challenging the entities that came through and assumed that all the entities they were channeling were positive and benevolent. Around the same time I was still involved with the Tampa group, I met a woman in this area by the name of Alexis, who was bound and determined to be a channel. I shared what I knew about channeling with her and advised her to not try and channel by herself, but she was determined to pull in an entity on her own. She called me excitedly one Sunday morning telling me she had just pulled in an entity by the name of Ashtar the evening before. She was elated at having done so.

Only a few weeks earlier, a friend who lived in Arizona told me that the group they were affiliated with had contacted an entity named Ashtar and that when they challenged it, it left. When several strong-willed people in their group challenged Ashtar to say, "Jesus Christ is Lord," three times slowly and clearly, the channeling would stop and Ashtar would leave. I should point out that if someone from another part of the world were to use the names of Buddha or Krishna, instead of Jesus Christ, the challenge would work - if that individual held this alternative entity in the same high esteem that Christians hold Jesus Christ.

I spent a lot of time trying to inform Alexis on the differences between positive and negative entities, and the need for discernment by challenging an entity to be sure that she was communicating with a positive one. I wasn't the least bit successful in convincing her of the need to challenge a channeled entity. She had tried for years to get an entity to come to her, so when Ashtar showed up, she only half-heartedly challenged it. Since the entity was seemingly solving her problems for her and flattering her, she really didn't want to hear that it might not be from the good guys. She was an engineer who tended to think she knew more than others and only halfheartedly listened to me.

About a year later I ran into a fellow who was going to take me flying in his ultra-light airplane. It turned out that he knew Alexis quite well. He didn't have much interest in spirituality let alone things such as channeling. This man told me that shortly after Alexis started channeling, she moved somewhere out west in such a hurry, that she even let the mortgage company forclose on her condo.

I later discovered that channeled negative entities often tell people to move across the country to find their soul mate, a better job, etc., in order to separate these people from their friends and family. Once away from their friends and family, negative entities can sometimes bring people to take their own lives, or "arrange" for accidents and illnesses to befall them. I discovered that all negative entities are connected together in sort of an ethereal internet whether the negative entity is a human in between incarnations residing in the astral plane, or a negative alien from a higher density than Earth. (Bear with me on this term density for now, much more later) Even if Alexis had been going to a psychic instead of channeling an entity herself, all negatives are connected and know what each has said and done in the past. Remember, the Akashic Record is available for any entity to see when they're beyond Earth's veil of forgetfulness.

Each positive-energy person that negative entities can eliminate increases the overall negativity on our planet. According to The Law of One material, approximately 90% of all aliens who live in the stars and planets beyond Earth are of positive polarity in service-to-others and are benevolent to humankind. About ten percent of the intelligent life out beyond Earth's atmosphere is comprised of service-to-self negative aliens who are malevolent to humankind.

This Earth of ours, and planets similar to it, are sort of like a giant soul testing grounds where negative entities can entice humans into their system of what we usually call evil. Think of every positive polarity human as a shining light and every negative polarity human as an absence of light. The darker the negatives can make this Earth by snuffing out positive humans, the greater chance they have of acquiring a new member into their negative system. I know this is hard to follow and understand, but as you continue to read, this will all come together for you.

Shortly after the engineer left this area in a hurry, one of the leader types of the Tampa group gathered a large group together to hear a channeling of the entity "Ashtar". There were about 35 people packed into an apartment all eager to hear Ashtar speak. I had gotten with my friend Margaret the night before and told her what I knew about Ashtar and she agreed to assist me in challenging it. A young male dancer placed himself into a trance and started channeling Ashtar when Margaret and I demanded that Ashtar say, "Jesus Christ is Lord" three times clearly and slowly.  Upon hearing our challenge, Ashtar left immediately. A negative entity usually won't make the statement "Jesus Christ is Lord" and to be sure that the challenged entity is clear in what they are saying, I'd request a challenged entity to repeat "Jesus Christ is Lord," three times, slowly and clearly. 

This challenge in order to work must be done with 100% faith that it will work, because if it is done with only partial faith, the negative entity will know and sense this and will be able to ignore the challenge.  In addition, the challenge doesn't need to use the exact words, "Jesus Christ" since a person can substitute the words, "Christ Consciousness," "Truth," "The White Light," "Buddha,"  or any other name, as long as the positive entity name that you choose to use, means to you the highest positive entity that represents God in your mind's eye.

The majority of the 35 people in that apartment were spiritual seekers, and I can safely say that they were quite old souls as well. However, the overwhelming majority of these spiritual seekers had no clue that negative entities even existed, had little idea of what Margaret and I were doing in challenging the entity coming through the dancer, and were very upset with me. I stayed and talked with those that were interested in what just transpired, but it was only a couple of people.

Shortly after that, the woman who sponsored the young dancer who channeled Ashtar, was certain that she was channeling Mary. By now, my instincts were screaming at me that it wasn't Mary. This humble, sincere, and very spiritually-seeking woman who I loved and respected took me aside and swore me to secrecy before telling me that she was being visited by Mary regularly. She was absolutely positive it was Mary because Mary was appearing to her as a hologram right in her own houseI knew and was around this loving evolved woman for several years and knew beyond any doubt and with total certainty that she wasn’t making any of this up.  She was witnessing a hologram appear in front of her that she thought was Mary.

This is a huge and a major point!  Negative entities here on Earth can visually manifest (take form) right in front of people, masquerading as angels, Jesus, Mary, an arch angel, or whomever, and have always had this ability to do so!

Think about this for a moment.  Many early religious leaders of some of the major religions on Earth have thought they were talking to angels etc., when according to the Law of One material, they were really being lied to by negative entities instead!

I discovered through this experience with my dear friend who thought Mary was coming to her, and then had it verified in the Law of One material, that negative entities have access to each and every type of energy that the good guy, service-to-others type entities in our Universe also have access to. They can easily mimic or imitate Mary in a hologram to a human, and do many other such things to convince or fool someone into thinking they are seeing the real thing. All energy is totally from the Universe, and as such, is always available to both positive and negative entities at all times!

After a while I had FORM figured out and had stopped going to him for both personal as well as the monthly channelings. I also stopped going to psychics, too, and made sort of a joke about it to my friends, that from now on I was going to use "Peter Power" only, meaning I would go within for all my answers in the future. This position put me at odds with several from the Tampa group, so after several years of attending, I stopped going to it. All of us from the original Tampa group have managed to stay somewhat friends and acquaintances and occasionally run into each other in this area at places such as health food stores and metaphysical events.

Early in the nineties I began having something take place in my life that at first I was reluctant to mention to anyone. When I feel calm and as though I'm in the arms of Spirit, and that Spirit is directing my life, I am directed to see repeating digits. I see 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, etc. on clocks, timers, etc., and often have seen this phenomenon three or four times in a single day! My wristwatch, incidentally, is the analog type with hands. I'll be watching TV or driving down the road, and I will find myself drawn to the clock on the dash, and there it is. It started happening to me in '91 and has been ongoing. I get a warm comforting feeling when I see this, as though my guardian angel or spirit guide is saying "hello" to me. When I asked Spirit what was happening when it first took place, my knowingness told me that communication from our guides/angels must be very subtle because of the Law of Free Will. I was told that this form of communication was allowed since it didn't violate our free will. I eventually learned that many of my spiritually seeking friends were also having the very same thing happen to them, and also got the same feeling when they meditated about this phenomenon, that it was a guide/angel saying, "Hello," and "All is well."

Through the years I have learned that Spirit communicates in some very subtle ways. It is not uncommon to be drawn to a sign in a store, or on the roadside when you are driving in your car. It can be painted, neon, carved out of wood, anything that contains letters and words. What to look for is this: you will think of the word, or words, at the slightly before or at the precise same time that your eye spots it on the sign. If it is a message from Spirit, you will "feel" it, and sometimes you may find the hair rising on your arms, or get what is commonly known as goose bumps or chill bumps on your skin. You may find yourself listening to music and hear the word or words as you think them and simultaneously see them on a sign. That combination really gets your attention! Be open to the subtle ways that Spirit can, and does, communicate with us. Anytime something happens that has a very high mathematical probability against happening, such as seeing 1:11, 2:22, and 3:33 several times in the same day when you're not paying the least bit of attention to the time of day, ask yourself what is going on. Then be open to the possibility that Spirit is trying to say "hello" or more.

I wrote the preceding two paragraphs and thought I was through with the subject about ways Spirit communicates. Spirit showed me another one with a very powerful message. One Saturday morning I stopped at a health food store to buy a few items. When the register total came up, the total was $22.22. It was the first time, in a very long time, that I had a purchase at a store come up with repeating digits. This story gets better. The following day after church I decided to go to a local park to meditate on exactly what order was best to write about the topics that are coming up in the next few chapters. On the way to the park, I stopped at a local supermarket to pick up some loose-leaf notebook paper, because I was completely out of it. While at this store I found myself grabbing a few other items that I also needed, and hadn't planned on buying, and the total came to $11.11! The day before when the total was $22.22, got me thinking, but the very next day when the total came to $11.11, I knew Spirit was surely trying to tell me something of significance, but what?

At the park that Sunday, I worked on the order of the chapters for several hours by sitting in a lawn chair overlooking a canal that borders some forest. It also borders the interstate so I masked that noise, and the banging noise of an outside target shooting range, by listening through headphones to some mellow relaxing music as I worked. Before I started to work on the order of my book's topics, I said some prayers and asked Spirit what was being shown to me by the two purchases, and was there something Spirit wanted me to tell my readers?

Late in the afternoon the significance of the $22.22 and $11.11 was revealed to me. I was told by my higher self that when I see repetitious numbers on something like a clock, it is always a comforting "hello" of sorts and sometimes I even know I am getting a confirmation on something that I am thinking about at the time too. Then the reality hit me! I realized beyond any doubt that I had been directly guided by Spirit. Spirit had guided me in the precise selection of several items at both stores! In both stores I ended up buying items I needed, although I hadn't planned on buying them prior to entering either store.

You see, part of my daily prayers is to ask Spirit to show me what is in my highest and greatest interest, in every affair of my life, every day. Spirit used the purchases in those two stores to demonstrate how when we seek Spirit's guidance, exactly how they come through our higher self's thoughts to gently show us what is in our best interest, without ever violating our free will to choose what we want in life.I didn’t end up buying anything I didn’t need or want, and by being “guided” in those purchases by Spirit, I no doubt saved my self a future trip to the store.

One of the most important things I can share with you in this book is that anybody can increase their guidance from Spirit, if they simply ask God from their heart chakra with total sincerity on a regular basis!

You can say, "Father, show me the way," "Spirit guide me," "Jesus, I surrender my will." Any phrase of words spoken from your heart, which are similar in intent to these, will increase Spirit's guidance in your life. You still make all the choices of what you want in your life, for Spirit can never violate your free will by making your choices for you. The important difference is that when we invite or ask Spirit into our lives, the guiding and nudging process to bring us the greatest amount of joy, happiness and ease in our lives begins to start taking place.

We all have spirit guides, who without asking them anything or even acknowledging their presence, will do things such as wake us up when we fall asleep at the wheel while driving, providing it isn't our time to leave this plane of existence. These guides, assigned to us by Spirit, interact in our lives to nudge us to do certain things, which have been agreed upon by us, prior to our coming to Earth in our present incarnations. If there is a person you are supposed to meet in order to balance out some Karma or a job you were supposed to take in order to learn a particular lesson, you will be gently nudged into those circumstances by your guides.

However, because of the Law of Free Will, your positive entity spirit guides can't and won't get involved in your daily life because they simply aren't allowed to, unless you invite them in. (A little note here, you never have to worry about the polarity of your own personal spirit guides, they are always positive polarity without any exceptions.) When we "invite" them into our lives, our lives always significantly change for the better because of the increased guidance. What this is all about is when we are asking our guides to assist us, we are "seeking" or doing what The Law of One material refers to as "calling". I know this may not make a lot of sense to you at this place in the book, but try it; you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. My personal way of going about this is say this prayer on a regular basis: "Dear God, guide and direct my every thought, action and deed to what is always in my highest and greatest interest every day of my life, thank you"