How to Recognize When Channeled Materials are from Negative Entities

Chapter 9, Seeing the Big Picture and Finding The Law of One

In the nineties I learned that there really are no coincidences, and that Spirit deliberately put me in situations and circumstances so that I would go to psychics and channels to learn firsthand how most of them actually got their information. For years, I too had to dance with the Dark, another name for the collective lot of all negative entities, before I finally figured things out for myself. I was given misinformation many times by psychics who were channeling negative entities, believing they were helpful “spirit guides,” either the psychic’s guides or mine, which caused me all kinds of grief and turmoil in my life, until I began to grasp the big picture. It wasn’t just the erroneous information coming to me in psychic readings that was causing me problems; it was also dealing with FORM’s attempts at manipulating me too.

I went for many years being very frustrated and confused, and most of these times I literally felt a lot of fear, as I was learning how to “grow” my faith one experience at a time.  There were many years where I felt at times as if I was living out some kind of a sci-fi movie because of the unusual experiences I was going through.

In addition to going to psychics and channels, I also had numerous up-close and personal encounters with people who at first presented themselves as fellow positive-polarity spiritual seekers, who turned out to be just the opposite.  Some of these negative service-to-self types, that had me fooled at first, and who I had to interact with at times, tried harming me in an assortment of ways.  Some of them would have been quite happy if I met with an unfortunate accident and died in those days.

On one of these occasions, a meeting had been arranged by a friend of mine who had recently met a woman she described as very bright, remarkable and unusual. What made my friend describe this woman she wanted me to meet as remarkable was that this stranger knew an incredible amount of information about spirituality. My friend was a walking encyclopedia herself about all things biblical and spiritual and had just recently met this unusual woman at the beach while taking a walk. My friend said she just didn’t know why, but she kept getting the thought over and over again, that I was supposed to meet this strange knowledgeable woman she had just met. So, on my friend’s insistence, one night I drove over to this friend’s little upstairs apartment in the town of Gulfport, next to St. Petersburg, to meet this woman my friend insisted I just had to meet.

Within a few minutes the unusual woman came to the door and my friend let her in. This woman looked to be in her mid-forties and she looked like someone from the Mediterranean part of the world. She came through the front door smiling and was extremely gracious and outgoing, until she and I locked eyes. The instant I looked into her eyes I got the very strong thought that this woman was the most negative evil being I’d ever been in the presence of!  She was pure evil and I could feel and sense it with every fiber of my body!  We started to talk, and within seconds I found myself in a very unusual conversation with this stranger that was escalating in intensity moment by moment.  The entire short conversation I had with this strange woman was surreal from start to finish and revolved around the half truth of the Dark being from the light, but of course not serving the light.  This evil woman from the very start tried to intimidate me, but with each thing she said, I literally found words and knowledge that I didn't even know I possessed coming into my head and out of my mouth to counter her.  I somehow found myself knowing exactly what to say to this increasingly confrontational person who had quickly abandoned her charming manner.  Within about five minutes, this woman just got up and went out the front door without saying a word to either of us, and we never saw her again!

The most amazing part of this encounter, besides the strange dialogue of words being “fed to me,” was that I literally could feel Spirit’s energy coming into my body the whole time this strange woman was present. 

I couldn’t shake the feeling after that meeting that this woman didn't seem human!  I still wonder to this day if she was perhaps a “construct” or “lady-in-black,” sent to me by a fourth or fifth density negative entity with the intention of scaring or intimidating me to the point that I’d abandon my spiritual research work I’d been doing.

I also believe Spirit used that opportunity to teach me a lesson in having faith, because since that meeting, I've never ever doubted Spirit’s ability to protect me, regardless of the situation at hand.

In addition to meeting some very dedicated and self-serving evil people at times, I also had several temptations placed in front of me by negative types on a couple of occasions.  Each situation involved potential wealth coming to me, however, my gut feeling (my higher self at work) told me to decline each offer, and to get away from these people as fast as I could.

Then there were times when I had physical objects taken from me.  One was a letter written by a woman I met casually at a party whose boyfriend, who was teaching a Course in Miracles, was allegedly channeling “Jesus.”  This woman sent me a letter stating that after talking with me, that her boyfriend had talked to Jesus that same evening concerned about my soul, and Jesus told her boyfriend for her to tell me, that I was all wrong about my viewpoints about negative entities!  That jewel of a letter disappeared from my home several days after I received it, and was never to be found again.  I'd like to point out that my friends in years gone by have often asked me if I hired a maid (never have had a maid) since my home has always been neat and orderly, so that letter didn't get lost in any clutter, since I choose to live in an organized environment.

Another item taken from me was a pair of needle-nose pliers I bought with my first paycheck as a teenager.  I went to use them one day and they weren’t in my tool box.  So, I emptied out my tool box twice, tool by tool to insure that I hadn’t misplaced them.  The pliers showed up out of the blue about a year later, lying prominently on top of my other tools, on the top tray of my tool box!  The letter, I quickly and easily determined, was removed by negatives, simply because they didn’t want me to have written proof about the woman’s boyfriend supposedly channeling Jesus.  Now the pliers disappearance was very perplexing to me since It took me a little time to believe and trust the answer I kept getting from my higher self as to who took the pliers, and why.  I finally determined, with total certainty, that my pliers were taken from me by my own positive-polarity guides in order to teach me an extremely valuable lesson!   I needed to learn an important lesson at that point in time about my own ability to command negative entities away from my home and myself, without going through time consuming ridiculous rituals I'd been doing prior to that.

In short, I've had all kinds of things done to me and against me by negative entities, and after decades of experiences I've learned that they have absolutely zero power over any of us here on Earth that choose service-to-others polarity.   However, I experienced fear many times until I learned to have 100% faith in Spirit while going about my spiritual research!

To those of you reading this who have been fooled by negative entities in your past, my advice to you is to never entertain any thoughts of embarrassment, ever!  I’ve dealt with them in many different ways and always found them to be relentless, clever, and possessing unlimited patience in carrying out their agendas. I’ve never felt any shame whatsoever in having been fooled by them in the past, and I never will.  I like the name that the late Carla Rueckert, the woman who channeled The Law of One material often used in referring to them.  She called them, “The Loyal Opposition,” it was and still remains so appropriate and accurate.

I also want to point out that “faith” is most definitely something that can be “grown” by all of us; it took decades of time and many experiences for me to have the faith that I possess these daysHowever, a good pointer here, faith to be totally effective, has to be 100%, or it simply really isn’t faith, it’s still fear in some form. 

For the remainder of this chapter I am going to be explaining much of the substantial information from The Law of One material that I think my readers will want to know about.

Per the channeled positive entity Ra, who gave humankind the Law of One material, everyone on Earth is presently living on a third density planet, and our planet is currently in the process of changing into a fourth density positive-polarity planet a little bit more with each passing day.

Here is some information about densities to help you understand all of this.  First density planets are essentially barren mineral formations, which believe it or not, are alive and have a collective consciousness.   Second density entities are all the inhabitants of the plant and animal kingdoms, who don’t possess individual consciousness, and instead also possess a collective consciousness.   Human souls start life as third density entities with individual souls and an individual consciousness.

Third density is the density of self-awareness.  Third density could also be described as the density of feelings, both physical and emotional.  Humans have tear ducts, feelings and an individual consciousness.  Second density animals don’t possess tear ducts and they also don’t have any individual consciousness.  Third density entities, commonly called human beings, start their life off with a “higher self” that I’ve referred to earlier.  (This higher self is the source of our “gut” feelings.)  This higher self is always an extremely intelligent sixth density positive-polarity intelligence that is assigned to each and every soul on Earth.  Without exception every human being here on Earth can listen to their higher self for internal guidance for each and every one of their several hundred incarnations that are normally required to be “harvested” from third density into fourth density.

These descriptions of the densities come from Ra: Fourth density is the density of love or understanding.  Fifth density is called the density of light or wisdom. Sixth is light/love, love/light, or unity.  Seventh is called the gateway density.

So, what does it take to be harvested (harvested is Ra’s term) out of a third density planet and into a fourth density planet, at the ending of a human's life upon Earth?

To answer that question I need to let you know that in a third density environment such as Earth, the main purpose of a soul living hundreds of times on a planet such as Earth is for that soul to choose a polarity of serving self or serving others.  On Earth, a person can have a serial killer living on one side of them and someone like Mother Theresa living in the house on the other side of them!  One could say that this entire Earth is really one big gigantic free-will soul testing grounds, because that is exactly what it essentially is!

Third density is the only density where souls of positive and negative polarity reside on the same planet!  In all the other densities above third, the planets are divided into positive and negative polarity planets, and positive entities only live on the positive polarity planets and negative entities only live on negative polarity planets.  A person’s free-will choices on Earth determines where that soul will go once it is harvested from Earth; either to a positive fourth density planet or a negative fourth density planet.  According to Ra, both paths back to being one with God are part of the free will given by God; however the negatives eventually always convert over to positive polarity while in the first beginning planes of sixth density because they eventually realize that their negative service-to-self system won’t allow them to progress or evolve any further.  

In fact, according to Ra, the negatives never get above the first few planes of sixth density since their dog-eat-dog, every soul-for-themselves type societies make the evolution process beyond the first couple of planes of sixth density impossible for the negatives to achieve.   Seventh density is where souls essentially become angels/spirit guides and where there is no further incarnating required to be done.  Each density consists of seven planes or levels of evolution, and there are also a total of seven densities, and no, it is not a coincidence that there are seven visible colors and seven musical octaves here on Earth.

The big event of the winter solstice of 2012 here on our Earth actually really was the end of our world; at least as we presently know it to be.  In the winter solstice of 2012, our planet came to the end of a 75,000 year cycle of being a third density planet and it is now slowly turning into a fourth density positive-polarity planet.  The time it will take for a complete change for our Earth and its future inhabitants to completely evolve into a fully functioning fourth density planet is yet to be determined, since collective consciousness of the entire human race effects how rapidly this ongoing transition into fourth density will take to be completed.  According to the Law of One material this could take several hundred years to fully come about.

It is my belief from having read and studied the Law of One material for decades, that all human beings alive today who are reading these words will have their polarity “measured” upon the end of their present incarnations.  The intelligent entities beyond us describe this measuring process as climbing a staircase of light after our deaths while in the ethereal world.  A soul climbs a circular staircase of light upon their death, and voluntarily gets off this staircase when the light becomes too bright for that soul.  The higher the entity can climb and tolerate the light the further evolved that entity has become.

Assuming a soul has learned all the lessons of living in a third density world, and has balanced their karmic debts from having lived many lives in third density worlds, and they have also reached 51% in service-to-others polarity, then they will be harvested off that staircase of light into a fourth density positive-polarity planet to continue their spiritual journey.  Some of these souls may choose to come back to Earth as fourth density beings, even as the last of our third density inhabitants are still here deciding and choosing their polarities.  Other new fourth density souls will choose to experience their fourth density incarnations on the many other fourth density planets located right here in our own Milky Way Galaxy.

For the next scenario, let’s assume someone on Earth is presently quite evil and very service-to-self.  According to Ra, if that soul reaches 95% service-to-self, that soul will then be harvested into a fourth density negative-polarity planet upon the end of their third density life here on Earth.

The logical question you no doubt are asking at this point in time is what happens to those souls who don’t make the 51% service-to-others mark or the 95% service-to-self mark?   The entity Ra describes this group of souls as the “vast sea of indifference.”  


Per The Law of One material, the vast majority of people on Earth will be repeating their third density incarnations all over again on a similar planet to Earth, but it won’t be Earth since Earth is predetermined, and in the process of becoming, a fourth density positive-polarity planet.  Ra only estimates that around 10-15% of Earth’s inhabitants will be harvested into fourth density positive-polarity planets upon their deaths on Earth and that around 5% will be harvested into fourth density negative planetsThat leaves billions of people on Earth that will be repeating hundreds of third density incarnations all over again!  

If Ra’s material is genuine and correct, and my lifetimes’ worth of research tells me it is, then the Dark has done a tremendous job of distorting the world’s religions!  No current religion on Earth, that I’m aware of, is anywhere near accurate in describing to its followers what the actual “system” is that was created by God, let alone how this system functions!

I’ve mentioned the negative’s agendas before, here is their main one.  Their main agenda is to decrease the number of souls presently on Earth from reaching that 51% threshold of service-to-others that is required in order to be “harvested” into a fourth density service-to-others planet.  How do they do this?  First of all by distorting the religions of the Earth and getting humankind to live in fear of God.  Next, their most successful lie of all, which when analyzed is always a half-truth at best, is that the Dark doesn’t exist at all anywhere in any form!  The service-to-self types presently living among us here on Earth do their best, any way that is possible, to promote chaos, hate, greed and the darker aspects of life of a third density society.  All of these things combined are designed to decrease service-to-others type actions and behaviors among the Earth’s inhabitants, and instead promote and increase selfish service-to-self acts and behaviors among the Earth’s inhabitants.

The way the negatives look at things, is that anything they can do to keep people from reaching that 51% in service-to-others mark for those souls to be eligible to be harvested into a fourth density positive planet, gives the negatives another possible opportunity to turn this human into one that turns out to be 95% in service-to-self sometime in that soul's future.  In other words, there actually is a non-stop continuous “competition” taking place on Earth, at all times present and past, for the recruiting of souls towards good or evil!

According to Ra, approximately 90% of all life forms in outer space are of positive service-to-others polarity, and the negative entities make up only about 10% of all life out there.  This leaves the Dark only third density societies such as Earth as places to recruit more individuals into their negative system.  This drives their relentless campaign to distort the truth about God here on Earth.  

As you would imagine, the greater the lack of education of a people following a religion here on Earth that has been distorted by negative entities, so as to be misinterpreted and misunderstood by the followers of that religion, the greater success the Dark has in causing the creation of radical elements of that religion to form.  Obviously since God is pure love and light, and is energy instead of an entity, this love energy isn’t going to advocate that anybody kill another being in its name!  Contrast the feelings of love that the average human being feels when they hold their newborn infants for the first time, versus the feeling one gets when they harm another living thing.  In battles throughout time, whenever one human kills another, even in the heat of battle in self-defense, it is quite common for the feeling of revulsion, from having done so, to be so strong that the person that killed another, often gets violently sick and throws up.  Love and hate are opposites, always have been and always will be, and human beings know the difference if they are being honest with themselves and listening to their higher selves, to that truth. 

If the entity Ra is to be believed, and each and every soul on Earth and everywhere in all the millions of galaxies are all one and interconnected and part of God, then it makes no sense whatsoever that a woman should ever be treated any lesser than a man by anybody anywhere, obviously outside of the physical limitations of the human body.  However, there are several major religions on Earth where women to this day are treated quite less than their male counterparts, and if Ra’s Law of One information to humankind is correct, this would suggest that these religions in their past were somehow distorted and or infiltrated by negative entities!

Whenever a religion doesn’t treat women as equals and is male dominated, that religion will always shortchange the followers of that religion in many ways.  A male ego-driven society or religion will always limit itself.  For example, assume there is a rural village somewhere, and that the most intelligent child in that village is a young woman quite capable, and also interested in going off to college to become a doctor, with the intent of returning back to her village to practice medicine for the villagers.  Would it make any sense to send an unmotivated male from that same village, who isn’t as intelligent as the young woman, to become the village’s doctor instead?  No, that is entirely illogical, and obviously this same argument could be made for many other occupations that village would also need.

Now let's be clear about something here.  I am not talking about women being able to do every job a male can do, for obviously there are physical differences between males and females.  Back in the 70's I had a lady friend who told me she wanted to be a firefighter.  I said, "Fine," and promptly collapsed on the floor in front of her to prove a point.  This woman weighed about 100 pounds and I weigh close to double that weight, and my point to her was simply this: I had and still don't have any problem with women being firefighters, but if I'm trapped in a burning building unconscious, I want the firefighter who is going to drag me out of that burning building and to safety -- to be plenty strong enough to drag or carry my unconscious body to safety. 

Reincarnation is the reality of the way things actually work, and several of the Earth’s religions do have this correct, but many do not, and of course it is no accident that this is so.  The negatives don’t want the Earth's population learning the truth that reincarnation is the reality of the way things actually function in the true spirit world.  Imagine the difference it would make in this world, if all the world’s population understood and believed that when a human being intentionally harms something or someone else, their action will result in that person having to “experience” that harm themselves in their present or a future incarnation!  If human beings truly understood and knew for sure that Karma was real, and that what goes around most assuredly comes around is not just a cute saying, but reality, many people would instantly choose to behave in a more kind and loving manner all over the planet.

These are some of the most important “truths” that are contained in The Law of One material, that when realized by a significant amount of the planet’s population, will eventually serve to transform Earth into a much more loving and kinder planet!  However, always realize that because of the Law of Free Will, human beings must be "seeking" to be led to my book or the Law of One material, or they won't be led to these sources of information.

I’m going to do a little bit of intentional redundancy here.  The Law of One material states that every human on Earth has an extremely wise old sixth density soul that is our actual “higher self” that we are directly connected to at all times within our lifetimes. This infinite well of wisdom can be tapped into whenever we choose to. Notice I put the word choose into italics.  This higher self has often been called by humankind as their gut feelings or their instincts, and nothing, including negative entities, can interfere with a person who chooses to listen to their higher self.

As you’re reading this, a person high on drugs who may be doing something such as robbing a convenience store and harming the clerk, also has a higher self — however, this person is choosing not to listen to it!  Nobody's higher self is ever going to advocate that one person harm another person.

It’s also important to point out that whenever a human has any voice come to them in their head, which is outside of them, that is no longer their higher self only!  When someone is meditating or attempting to raise their consciousness, it is possible to contact astral plane entities, and sometimes even negative entities from higher densities, without even trying to do so!

If you allow a new voice to come to you, be very, very careful, because you’re about to channel, and the odds are overwhelming that this voice that has contacted you is a negative entity!  First of all, I will echo the words of the late Carla Rueckert, who was probably America’s most experienced channel, who channeled The Law of One material with the aid of two other individuals, to never attempt channeling by yourself!  I’ve found a lot of misinformation on the internet, much of it by people who are now or were in the past fooled by the negatives on the subject of a human’s higher self.  The following might help illustrate more about one’s higher self.

In the monthly channeling sessions when I used to go to hear the entity called FORM with others from the Tampa group, I became comfortable in being one of the ones to converse with FORM on a regular basis.  If I asked a question that would challenge what he was saying in the slightest way, he would give me an answer that would try to embarrass or belittle me in front of the others.  If it wasn't an attempt at embarrassing or belittling me, then it would be something said to me in an attempt to shake my self-confidence.  In other words he was trying to implant doubts and fears into me — and sometimes succeeding — all the while teaching lessons about love, relationships, and the like.  He was so subtle and clever that I found myself having to listen to the taped sessions over and over later on to make sure I wasn't imagining things or taking something the wrong way.  Where I noticed him doing this the most was when I went to him for one-on-one counseling, or in small groups that were of a seminar nature.  These small seminar type groups were usually done on a weekend day or days.  Trying to figure out what FORM was all about was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done in my lifetime.  Please remember that in the early 90s I didn’t have computers to go to, or for that matter, very many helpful books available to me either.

When I stopped going to FORM, my attitude and disposition improved dramatically.  It took several years, but many others from that original Tampa group also stopped going to FORM when they too discovered the things I was saying about FORM were true.  They also started noticing that FORM was teaching love, but building fear and doubts into them in the process.  Many of these were the same people who had previously thought I was imagining things when I first expressed my original doubts about FORMBy not listening to my original gut feelings about FORM I had overridden my own "higher self's" message to me that it was a negative entity masquerading as a positive entity.

For a lot of you reading this far into my book yearning for more information about some of what I’ve been talking about, you should probably read The Law of One: Book One.  It is published under that name, and this first book of a series of five books also went under the name of The Ra Material.  The last printing of the first book had both names listed and it can be found under both on bookstore computers.  It is only the first volume that goes by the dual titles; the subsequent volumes go by the name of The Law of One book two, three, four and five.

The first time I read book one, I had the most wonderful feeling of "remembering" what was in it.  To say that this book resonated with me and that my knowingness told me I was reading the truth is a monumental understatement.  The book impacted me so strongly that no words could ever describe what I felt the first time I read it.

Two of the authors, Don Elkins and Carla Rueckert, spent about 20 years attempting, with mixed success, telepathically communicating/channeling entities that identified themselves as what we term extraterrestrial.  They were joined by another person, James McCarty, in 1980.  On January 15, 1981, the three, using Carla as the instrument, made contact with an entity calling itself Ra.  Ra identified itself as an entity from a sixth-density society, or civilization that it referred to as a social memory complex six billion years beyond us in evolution.  The entity Ra spoke with the authority representing all of the other 27 million souls from their planet as one voice, and spoke through Carla over a space of about three years.  Carla channeled Ra, and Don Elkins formulated most of the questions to ask Ra, while Jim directed valuable and needed energy to Carla as she was channeling.  Carla, who had been channeling since 1974, went into a trance each time she channeled Ra, which was over a hundred occurrences.  Channeling Ra was the only time she ever automatically, without any attempt to do so, went into a trance to channel.  This would also be a good time to point out that, generally speaking, trance channeling is usually considered to be more accurate or pure than open consciousness channeling.  This is because with open consciousness channeling there’s a much greater chance that the channeler’s own ego and thoughts can get mixed in with the message being channeled.

Ra began by telling the three of them that the first law from the Infinite Creator (Ra’s term for what we commonly call God) was the Law of Confusion, which Ra says we on Earth call the Law of Free Will.  According to Ra, God, who I have been referring to as Spirit — which is God and its appointed hierarchy of angels/guides — is never about guilt, fear and judgment.  Guilt and fear were put into the Bible from what Ra refers to as the Orions, who in our Universe come from the stars that make up the Orion Nebula in our galaxy.  Ra calls the Orions the negatives.  There are other negatives from other places, but these are the ones who cause us the most trouble here on Earth.

Ra belongs to what is known as the Confederation, short for Confederation of Planets in Service to the Infinite Creator.  It is not a coincidence that you have heard the names Confederation and Empire in both television and movie productions here on Earth.  According to Ra, writers, producers, and directors are frequently given reality material in their dreams.  This material is intended over time to educate Earth's population to some of the realities that actually take place in our own Milky Way Galaxy.

In the positive-polarity densities from fourth and above the inhabitants are dedicated to serving and assisting those individuals and societies below their own density and this must be done very carefully because of the Law of Free Will.  They do this by answering the call or desire for help from the densities below theirs while letting those beings choose their own evolution.  In other words, they help to the best of their ability without compromising the free will or self-governing of those helped.  Fifth-density positive entities assist those in fifth, fourth and third densities.  Positive fourth-density beings assist others in fourth density and those who are in third density.

Okay, now let’s look at how the negative system works.

A negative sixth-density entity has one goal and one goal only, and that is to enslave and conquer all the beings in the negative densities below it.  This holds true for fourth and fifth density negatives as well, they too are trying to conquer and enslave those below them.  The Law of Free Will is Universal and applies to all entities, both positive and negative, but negatives violate this law all the time, and positive entities never knowingly violate this law from God.

As I mentioned earlier, negative entities only make up approximately ten percent of all the life forms in all the Universes so they’re always eager to add to their numbers.  The problem for the negatives, and why this Earth is so hostile at times, is because third density planets such as Earth are the only place where the negatives can add to their numbers.  Allow me to explain.  Gradually, over hundreds of incarnations, a third density soul slowly but surely chooses a polarity of being positive or negative.  A soul whose polarity has become negative in human form will have as their first dominant thought to virtually every situation that confronts them, “What’s in it for me?”  They’re always looking out for themselves, and are often quite charming when it suits their purposes, but rest assured, they’re always selfish and self-serving.  Now, nobody in human form on Earth, with the possible exceptions of the likes of Christ and Buddha, has ever been 100% in service-to-self or 100% service-to-others.  Every third density soul is somewhere in-between totally good and totally evil.

You are probably thinking right about now, why don’t the Orion negative entities conquer and enslave the population on Earth?  The short answer is that the Earth has been used for the past 75 thousand years as a third density soul testing grounds, or giant soul-testing grounds so to speak, and it is quarantined from outside interferences.  Since the positive entities of sixth density outnumber the negatives around ten to one, and since the sixth density positives are far more evolved and advanced in all areas than the few sixth density negatives that only ever reach the first planes of 6th density, the quarantine is easy to enforce.

An example of this quarantine is that SETI, the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence, which has been monitoring the Universe for radio signals for alien life since 1960, hasn't picked up the first alien radio/TV/microwave or other transmission ever!  As for UFOs landing on the White House lawn, it's a nice story line for science fiction movies, but it's not going to happen anytime soon.  For either the positive forces of the Confederation or the negatives (they call themselves The Empire and in our part of our Milky Way Galaxy are also called the Crusaders from Orion) to do so would be a gross violation of the free will of the people living on this planet.  Think of it, if a UFO were to land in Times Square for example, some people would be in awe of the aliens and want to call them Gods, and others would be in fear of them and would be taking their own lives, regardless of which polarity aliens landed.

According to Ra, there are councils of very elder souls that oversee and regulate who is allowed to appear (the Confederation and the Empire both are allowed to send UFOs here) in our skies and also land and make limited contact with us.  These councils balance the contact that either side has with us and always ensure our free will.  The aliens are allowed to tease us so to speak, so that doing so expands the awareness of those among us who are into wanting to know more about what is beyond our atmosphere, get their answers.  Neither the positives nor the negatives are allowed to give the masses on earth positive proof of their existence at this point in time.  As this planet goes further into fourth density positive, more and more contact will be allowed with aliens as our population is able to handle it emotionally and psychologically.  However, this may not occur in anybody’s lifetime currently reading this.  Per Ra, whenever humans on our planet have been abducted or have felt fear when contacted by aliens, this has always been the signature work of the negatives.  Contact with positive aliens is much less common and the individuals feels uplifted instead of fear.

Because of free will, I would advise anyone ever seeing a UFO not to think or say anything along the lines of asking to be taken aboard that UFO.  Please understand and realize that the negatives need just the slightest amount of permission to take someone aboard their craft!  If I saw a UFO I'd never say anything like, "Scotty, beam me up." Since you just might get your desire fulfilled, and from all the accounts of those who have been abducted, it's generally been a terrifying experience for the majority of the abductees.  I'm writing very little here in this book on the subject of abductions because that is a deep and complicated subject that I have knowledge about, but it isn't the focus of this book.  If you want to know more about this particular subject in depth, I recommend the book Abduction: Human Encounters with Aliens written by the late John E. Mack, M.D., who was a professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School.  He risked his credibility and standing in his field of psychiatry when he had the courage to write about this subject in the mid-90s, telling the world that alien abductions are indeed real.  One final note on UFOs: I italicized the type at the beginning of this paragraph about asking to be taken aboard a UFO, because for over 30 years now, I've seen book after book channeled from negative entities talking about their UFOs appearing in the skies around Earth one day in the future in large numbers.  Quite often within the same book they will talk about ascending to the fifth dimension.  I've never found the word ascension in The Law of One material!  Ra talks about "harvesting" third density humans into fourth density, but never into fifth density, let alone uses the word ascension!  So, in my opinion, when a channeled book mentions the word ascending, and/or ascending to the fifth dimension, the channeled source is a negative entity beyond any doubt.

As I stated earlier, the service-to-others members of the Confederation, also known as Christ-consciousness beings, also "visit" us from time to time. My advice would be that, when in doubt whether a UFO is from the positives or the negatives, to attempt no contact, just observe it instead.

Ra stated that Earth changes are a necessary part of the earth converting to a fourth-density positive planet and that collective consciousness of humankind will affect the number and severity of these Earth changes.  They state that the Earth changes of the planet morphing into a fourth density planet actually started in the 1970s.  It went on to state that the earthquakes, floods, etc. will often act as catalysts for humankind. This is easy to see when a disaster strikes.

I remember many years ago when Hurricane Andrew hit south Florida, some people who are service-to-self in their polarity and who had access to fresh water were selling water for ten dollars a gallon simply because they were selfish and could do so.  Then there were other people, who also had access to fresh water and whose polarity was service-to-others, who helped their neighbors by sharing their water with them for free.

Ra states that for a human being to be harvested into fourth density, the person must be able to love and forgive.  Each person will have to do this for him or herself and that just talking about love won't get the job done.  This is truly a case where people will need to walk their talk, and their position in life is essentially meaningless, meaning that nobody on Earth will get a free pass on loving and forgiving their fellow human beings if they want to evolve.

One of the more attention getting pieces of information from the Law of One material is that there are two types of old souls currently living on our planet.  There are the third density old souls who are in line to be harvested into a fourth density service-to-others planet in their near future and there are also some very ancient souls from other civilizations representing their various constellations here within our Milky Way Galaxy.

According to Ra, there are on the earth presently at least 65 million souls that Ra calls Wanderers, spread out through all of the nations and races of this earth. This term Wanderer is not used the way we would think of it here on Earth, such as describing an aimless person.  The term Wanderer has quite the opposite meaning.  Ra states that these Wanderers are souls presently living on Earth in third density bodies, whose souls are from fourth, fifth and mostly sixth density, that have agreed to incarnate on the Earth at this point in time.  They are here to offset much of the negativity on Earth and to be "way showers" to the rest of Earth’s population to help increase the harvest.

These Wanderers can be found in every walk of life and in every country on earth.  Some have occupations that limit the number of people they influence directly, such as farming.  Others, my knowingness tells me, are in positions to influence many others, such as some of the current movie directors who are making films that are influencing humankind to be more loving and compassionate.  Wanderers have been coming to Earth all through humankind's evolutionary progress, and Ra named Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson as examples of these.  If you are getting a strong feeling that I am describing you, and you would like additional information on this subject, read the insightful book From Elsewhere by Scott Mandelker, Ph.D., who enthusiastically endorses The Law of One material as being the truth.  Mandelker says, "Without a doubt The Law of One material is the single most important source of written teaching I've ever encountered."

One of the questions I asked myself quite a while ago you may be asking yourself, so allow me to play skeptic and also share what I believe. That question is, could the five books of the Law of One material be fake, or false?  Let's explore this.

To begin with, there were three people involved with this material from the beginning. Obviously, the chances of the information having been made up diminish greatly when more than one person has been involved with the channeling.  I have observed the parties involved in the channeling of this material for over 25 years now and I am not aware of the parties involved ever profiting to any significant degree from this material.  On the contrary, their consistent attitude has been more or less of letting people to be led to the material.  None has tried to get him or her self, or the material into the limelight.  I first wrote to Carla, the material's channel, in 1994 for advice on a personal matter when I was still confused about what was going on with the psychics and channels I was going to.  I received a very thoughtful, detailed, several-page-long hand written reply, dated 2-27-94.  Her sincerity and kindness showed all through her reply.  When she responded to my correspondence to her, she had no idea that I would eventually end up writing a book promoting The Law of One, for back then I hadn't even entertained the thought.  Carla wrote another book that I totally recommend to anyone who wants to know and understand more about discernment in channeling.  It is called A Channeling Handbook.  What comes across in this small but tremendously valuable book was her sincere desire to serve humankind and dedication to Christ-consciousness.  I have looked for years and can find no agenda being filled by any of the parties involved in bringing the words of Ra to humankind.  Ra also clearly stated that only Carla Rueckert, Don Elkins, and Jim McCarty were destined to bring Ra’s information to humankind.  Ra stated that these three individuals made agreements prior to their incarnating here on Earth to bring humankind Ra’s information.  When Don Elkins died in late 1984, all communication with Ra ended.  I point the fact out that these three individuals only, were and remain, the only individuals capable of receiving Ra’s messages. Unfortunately, there are people falsely claiming to be channeling Ra in present times.

Another fact that you will find reassuring is this: Carla went into a deep trance for all the Ra sessions.  Her channeling before and after channeling The Law of One material was always open consciousness channeling.  The only time she ever went into an automatic trance was when she channeled the entity Ra that gave humankind The Law of One material.  For the first dozen or so sessions she didn't even read what she had channeled!   The three of them chose to do that to be sure that the information that was coming in through her was totally pure and that there was no way she could be the source of the information coming from Ra.  It also needs to be mentioned that many things in metaphysics and science, especially in the area of quantum physics, were told to humankind back in the first year of contact with Ra, that science has proven to be true over 35 years later.  I indeed invite a close scrutiny of the material by anyone.  I have spent many decades of my life reading, researching and analyzing channeled materials and I have never found any channeled material that can compare to the The Law of One material, from any aspect.